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Men mental grasp

Posted Oct 29 2013 3:16am
Everyone's concept of love is not the same , and for the understanding of love is not the same . Every man has his own character, and the character of different types of men , in psychology is also divided into different colors , then you know what your own personality ? What needs to be loved you ?
A Green Personality:
Almost impossible to pay attention to the tendency in this regard companion . Even more partners and heterosexual contact , green rarely jealous , they intuitively that " what great things will not happen ." Green peace let loose companion to enjoy , but also let your partner feel that " he may not care much about me ." Often other green find a problem, mate has been in the arms of another man . But from another perspective , because the green inclusive and inner width , feel the other side of it is probably the most intense sense of security.
2 Blue Personality:
The pursuit of perfection and understanding soul . Does not directly ask the partner's whereabouts , but silent observation and analysis, once found clues will not be quiet , but continue to collect evidence, until there is a large grasp will attack. General to raise their own questions about the opening , then the description of the relationship between two people is really out of the question .
3 Red Personality:
They crave attention all the time mate . When couples are busy socially with friends will feel that they have been left out , and thus will have to wonder: Is she not love me ? Would like a woman asked his girlfriend : "Do you still love me ? " "Do you think I have What are the deficiencies " ...... their suspicions , although it will have some trouble , but also to the feelings of the two adds a lot of fun.
4 yellow character :
To grasp the whole situation rather than minutiae . Man in yellow as the most important event , if it is heterosexual couples occasional little ambiguous , they will take strong measures to curb address will not be brooded own trouble . If it is really a problem, yellow revenge will have a very terrible power .
Different colors represent different personality, so in life, we must first understand their female friends man psychology, to understand their psychological needs , and thus only know how to love them. But this is important is that we have to pay attention to their mental health, mental health only person in love is more likely to succeed .
Every man wants to be a charismatic man , and hope that he is a man attractive to women . However, a charismatic man, is the need to go through years of grinding and baptism, slowly precipitated . Now, Xiao Bian teach you three strategies , allowing you to create your own charm.
The first big weapon : Multi sprinkled incense men
Movie " Scent of a Woman " in Ayer. Pacino With the smell of perfume woman who , though blind , he did sums up each other's appearance , and even hair, eyes and lips detail , as if men perfume particularly sensitive , will be a woman deeply fascinated .
Unfortunately, only a small number of men can be clearly distinguished perfume, opposite a woman who is sensitive to fragrances , they have a delicate sense of smell, from the original instinct is a thorough expert detective .
Second largest arms : white men tooth
If the love of men and women , if they can have healthy teeth and fresh breath , then they certainly difficult to enjoy pure and warm kiss of love . If a male , not too handsome facial features , but he has a bright smile and clean teeth parked , then he will impress lady 's heart , and whether male or female, only the teeth clean and tidy , who are entitled to love , or mouth the smell will frighten each other.
The third largest arms : heroic men step
Hollywood actor Dustin . Hoffman , height 1.65m, but he feels cool , why not ? Turned out he walked very manly , mental , which showed a man 's confidence , courageously forward , if a height of 1.80m strong build Tahan , walking listless, or like Japanese women like gait certainly lifeless shell during walking .
Man walking abdomen should first push forward , this way , it will erect stature , chest also up, then , then this position , firmly tighten the abdomen , which is man's pace .
A charismatic man , the first Act in a manner to be elegant , and secondly for a lot of things to understand, to make yourself seem more knowledgeable . In addition , and most importantly , there must be manly . So if you want to make yourself more attractive, mental health is a must, but also more than a few people need to pay attention . When the first date , for this man and his own appointment , not very many people know each other . And want to know who to avoid their own is unclear, then we should pay attention to the man in the dating process behavior , through which we can see a man's psychology, to understand his character, to see his essence .
1 long and warm kiss
This is a very romantic person , just as he has a mental ball of fire in general, very enthusiastic .
2 drooping shoulders
Women usually like men , they seem to shoulder any time will automatically lift her into his arms. But not bowed shoulders opposite result . It shows you a quirk deeply touched his heartstrings , he thought , and you start a serious relationship .
3 gestured talk all the time
Such people are usually very talkative man is also very generous, but he does not know how to control their emotions and hide their heart.
4 Special very light kiss
This man has a certain machismo , but he would really know how to protect you, will know how to take care of you .
Different character when dating men have different behavior, female friends want to know what kind of a person he is , then they would have on his behavior during the appointment to pay more attention , you can find his character , and then decide is to continue to sever contacts or exchanges , so as to avoid harm their mental health .

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Pregnancy Miracle Pregnancy Miracle is a book that holds great promise as a guide and resource for women and couples who are either suffering from infertility or having difficulty in becoming pregnant. There is no doubt that conceiving and having a healthy baby brings an amazing happiness to every mother.

Jump Manual by Jacob Hiller is a very popular vertical jump program in these days. The Jump Manual is a downloadable program offered on the Internet that includes a number of videos, workout charts, nutritional plans, and teachings with a record of accomplishment proven to work in successfully raising the bar in your vertical jump.

The Tao of Badass The Tao of Badass is a digital book & videos created to help men capture and seduce women into their arms- falling for their charms in short. Too many dating gurus and people that claim they know what they're doing sit back and say "just be confident." Nobody ever takes the time to explain what confidence is, how it's formed, and how we become a more confident person.

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