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Memorial Day Weekend 2012

Posted May 28 2012 11:00am


Karol's first night back at Whiskey's. He was a happy boy haha. M on the other hand... inappropriate... completely inappropriate. He was hoping I wouldn't post this. Yeah right!!
We came back to the house and stayed up extra late. I always have fun just hanging out and talking. Nothing too crazy, no partying, no going wild, just some nice adult conversation, over adult beverages :)

The next morning Dale and I headed down to Geoffrey's Cafe in Back Bay.

 (Top left: Bacon, a very large plate of bacon; Middle: Mushroom and spinach omlette with home fries and melon; Top right: More homefries; Right: Stuffed French Toast (cream cheese filling with blueberry puree - aka Heaven)
We ate like homeless people, no lie! And the bartender there is the BEST and the CUTEST thing in the world. He's amazing. D said that if she were a gay man that she'd date him haha (very gay-friendly neighborhood and bar, and I love every bit of it).

 (Bloody Mary... aka Holy Awesomeness at 10am)
Of course we had to indulge in their 10am opening time as well as the beverage menu. Oh come on like you haven't needed some "hair of the dog"... or whatever it's called!!

D had to take off for Bikram (I don't know how the hell she did it after that Elizabeth Taylor'tini or whatever it's called). Somehow she made her way back for the 8pm game. The Celtics took on the Sixers in Game 7... and they won, thank God.

I made homemade wings. This is a serious process, let me tell you... serious.

 (Homemade Fiery Sweet, & Buffalo wings)
 Earlier this week I needed to grab a bunch of groceries, because as you know ... we'd die of starvation if I didn't get groceries........ anyways, I grabbed two packages of wings and drumsticks (it was a mixed). I found some Texas Pete wing sauce so I got "Fiery Sweet" (think BBQ Hot), and "Buffalo".

A couple quick steps
  • Marinate and cover for an hour (I left mine on the counter, I don't agree with fridge marinating, just doesn't settle as well)
  • Heat oven to 425*
  • Cover pan with foil and spray with non-stick oil (regular oil or can spray)
  • Separate wings onto pan (I used two just to give them space to get crispy enough)
  • Spray the top of them with the oil spray (this gives them that extra crisp)
  • Place them on the top rack
  • After 35 minutes check on them to see if they need flipping
  • Use a brush to add more sauce and let them go for another 10 minutes
  • When they're finished, I tossed them in their appropriate sauces once more then let them cool for about 10 minutes, and VOILA!
The chicken was about $4 a package, and the sauces were $3 each. Cheaper than ordering out, and everyone agreed that mine were better than Whiskey's... which is a very nice compliment.

Although I should have been resting a lot more than I did, I'm glad I spent Saturday and Sunday in the house and getting a lot of R&R.

Today hopefully we can find something to do. The C's game #1 against Miami is at 8p, so hopefully we can get out to a local bar to watch it. GO CELTICS!!! :)

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