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Melbourne Spring Fashion Week to use ‘Healthy Models’ – Ok, Right, Sure, Whatever.

Posted Jul 27 2011 5:03pm

I’m sorry if I’m about to come across sounding a bit grumpy and cynical (not my usual style) but I have to share with you that I am at the moment – grumpy and cynical.  Not about life, love and the whole universe but about a particular issue that I have written about here at Beautiful You many, many times.  It has come on to my radar again this week but, put frankly, I’m a bit over it and not getting as excited as some may think I would. 

What am I on about?  Another report that says an upcoming fashion festival is going to be using ‘real’, diverse, different sized women.   This time it’s Melbourne Spring Fashion Week.  Well.  Whatever.  Whatevah is my genuine reaction both because we have heard this all before and the increasingly strained reasons organisers say they are doing it.  This time, supposedly only healthy looking models (your guess as to what that means is as good as mine but seems to have something to do with BMI – we’ve been there before too), will grace the catwalks because it’s believed using models… Read the rest

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