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Meeting new people

Posted Jan 27 2010 12:00am

Are you shy to meet new people? By new people, I mean someone who you’ve never met, you haven’t talked to, you know nothing about except perhaps his CV. Obviously, bloggers meetup doesn’t count… because we know soooo much about each others life ;)

I used to think that I’m not good meeting with new people… what to say? would he/she like me? what would he/she think about me? etc. Fortunately I haven’t had to meet many people under these conditions so far … but this is about to change. This is because I’m a year away from going to the job market and it’s time to do social network, meeting people who might interview me, who might read my research and review it, who might help to me to contact other people, etc. I LOVE doing research, but I HATE doing social networking because I’ve always though I’m really BAD at it.

Yesterday was my first challenge, to meet with a department invited speaker privately for 30 min. It sounds a easy task, just 30 min. But it’s 30 min! What am I going to talk to him? I had no idea. I was worried about this meeting (5.30PM) all day long. I didn’t have time until 5PM to read his CV and the abstract of his papers.. but still I had nothing to ask him. All my worries went away 5 min after meeting him… the conversation came naturally, no forcing topics, no moment of silence. It was even better, I think he really likes me and what I do… he even suggested that I could work with him in the future. :lol: Wooo…. I couldn’t feel better after the meeting… not just because I had a good meeting, but I conquered my fear of meeting new people and that was a BIG step in my life and career.

Q: Are you good at meeting new people? What’s the best strategy to have a pleasant conversation with someone you just met?

Onto food

I made black & soy bean milk


enjoyed with two steam buns


radish filling


look my new tea pot! A beer mug that I brought in Erding, Germany.


No time for cooking… so pretty lame.

Egg seaweed soup


Cabbage, tomato and dry shrimp stir-fry


and a new porridge: quinoa, aduki, red dates and oatmeal



in the tray table (suitable for single lonely people :( )


Today I’m going to make a radish cake, I’m excited about it because I’ll make some modifications to the traditional recipe and I want to see how it will turn out ;)

Q: What was the last new recipe you tried?

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