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Meet the Brood

Posted Sep 09 2012 10:12am
Hello ya all!

I would like to introduce you to The Brood, otherwise known as Josephine Noelle and Henry Joseph. They are cats, a very special breed of cats known as Persians. Of course they are loved, spoiled, and well-cared for.

Josephine is 5 years of age. She is a Dilute Calico. Henry is 6 years of age and is a Cream and White Persian. Josephine has silky hair, Henry on the other hand has cotton hair.

They have the same mother and different fathers which makes them half siblings. They get along pretty well and have their own little personalities that makes us do a double take from time to time with the things they like to pull.

Josephine and Henry both love tuna, so as a treat they will split a can of tuna. I open the pantry (linen closet) pull out a can and they will both be sitting at the edge of the kitchen meowing at me until I have put it in bowls and put it on the floor for them to eat.

More on them later...
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