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Meb's in Town!

Posted Jul 26 2013 3:45pm
The story goes something like this...

I'm chatting with one of my clients, at her house, when we start on about the Bix race. The Bix 7 is tomorrow and it's a pretty big deal. First of all, who races 7 miles? We love the 3.1, 5, 6.2, 10 miles, etc but 7? Weird. 
Because 7 miles isn't a super popular race distance and because the Race Director, Ed Froehlich directs one kickass race, this Bix 7 in Davenport, IA attracts the big dogs. Think Bill Rodgers, Desi Davila, Meb Keflezighi and so many more. whoa.
The Bix is hard. I realize this is Iowa and not Colorado but, trust me, we have hills that will make you cry. Just one more reason the Bix is so popular with people who actually do this running thing for a living.

I digress, back to the story.

I make a comment about the Official Bix 7 Race Vehicle across from my client's house and she's like, "Oh yeah, Meb stays there."


"WHAT? Meb? Like THE Meb? The one that I can't pronounce his last name but I know it begins with a K, Meb? Olympian? Runs a 4:50/mile marathon Meb?"


We start talking about how she sees him on training runs... and then it happens. Before I know it I look out her front door and after hearing her say, "Hey look, that's Meb running right now!" 

heart stops. is this happening? heart starts again.

We run to her master bathroom and watch stalk him as he dances up this beast of a hill like it's flat. I mean, effortless, folks. MEB KEFLEZIGHI RUNNING for my eyes only

I really wanted to join him but I was afraid all the drool on my face would scare him off. Forget the fact that I'm a stranger in a car asking if I can drive along side him while he continues to run. That's not creepy or anything. Carry on.

I kind of feel like a celebrity now. I mean, I pretty much had brunch with Meb today. We go way back. I run, he runs. We're besties. Tonight, I'm camping in the backyard of the house he's staying at. He invited me, I mean... he kind of looked my way so that counts. Right?

Question: Do you ever get starstruck? 

I would really like to believe I don't but clearly that's a lie. For me, it's athletes that make me go all jelly-legged. 
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