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me want trails

Posted Apr 20 2012 4:36am

I’ve been craving some trails, lately.  I’ve stuck myself in a boring running routine by running the same course day in and day out, aside from running my long runs at the beach.  But even then, I was primarily running on the road, viewing the inter-coastal.

I want narrow, tucked away trails hidden from view.  I want trails that are remote enough that I could drop my shorts and pee without the fear of being caught (you see where my priorities lie).  This desire was deepened by  receiving Runner’s World Special: The Trails, 2 days ago.  Why does the grass always seem greener on the other side (pun intended!)?  There are trails on UNCW’s campus, but I used to run so much on them that I became burned out.  the trails also do so much winding/overlapping, that the trail seemed congested.  Oh no, am I starting to sound like a snobby runner?!  Pft!  I’m just ready for some new scenery.  I’m moving back home for the summer in the middle of May, and I’m stoked to run at Turkey Mountain!  Turkey Mountain is known for its steep, rocky terrain with awesome views:

And in other news, some friends and I have decided to run a 5k on Saturday, April 28th.  I don’t have a time goal for this race, but it’d sure be nice to set a PR!

Do you enjoy trail running?  Are there any trails in your area?

Are you racing anytime soon?

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