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Maximize the Life of Your Dell DF192 Laptop Battery - Three Broad Tips

Posted Jul 18 2013 8:48am

Power Management Settings

Dell DF192 laptop battery  provides direct current (DC) needed to power your computer. Normally, the amount of power you use in one sitting determines the number of times you will have to charge your battery to maintain optimal performance. If you use resource intensive applications or consume a lot of battery power in any way, you heighten degradation/battery death, and vice versa. To maintain your battery for Dell DF192 well and maximize its life as a result, the first step you should take, is lower the amount of charge you use, at any given sitting. Optimize the power management settings of your Dell DF192 laptop, by doing the following:


1. Power Plan

Choose a balanced power plan when using your computer. Log into your laptop's control panel, go to power management settings, and then choose the balanced or energy-saving power plan, set in your laptop. You will lower the baggage your  Dell DF192 battery  deals with during usage, and keep it working well.


2. Laptop Screen

Did you know that a laptop's screen is one of the heaviest users of battery charge on your laptop? If you maintain a high brightness or contrast level, the screen will drain the battery charge faster, and degrade it faster than normal. Lower the contrast and brightness level of the LCD screen of your laptop computer, to maximize the life of your battery for Dell DF192.


3. Sleep/Hibernation

Emergencies are inevitable when using a laptop at work or school. If you have to step away from your laptop for a couple of minutes or hours, save  Dell battery  energy, by setting the laptop to sleep or hibernate. In these states, laptop activity slows to a minimum. The hard disk and other mechanical components such as the Central Processing Unit (CPU) also shut down (during hibernation), saving energy further. This lowers degradation and prolongs the life of the battery significantly.


Software and Hardware Configuration

The configuration of hardware and the type of software you use with your laptop determines how long your Dell DF192 laptop battery will work optimally. If you use resource intensive applications, or the wrong accessories (Dell DF192 adapter, CPU, etc.), you can heighten capacity loss, and death of your battery for Dell DF192, and vice versa. To maximize the life of your Dell DF192 battery, make sure that you are using an original  Dell adapter. You should also shut off Blue tooth and Wireless adapters when not in use, to maintain your DF192 battery well.


The next lower hard disk spins, and benchmark your CPU in your laptop, to make sure that it is working optimally. Finally, shut down "junk" programs that run in the background and cancel all scheduled scans (defragmenting, antivirus, or malware), when your battery if running on battery power. You will save charge and prolong the life of your battery for Dell DF192 significantly.


Usage Habits

Review how you use or handle your laptop, if you want the installed Dell DF192 laptop battery to last longer. For instance, use battery power only when you are working away from a direct power outlet. Next, make sure that cooling apparatus of your laptop is working well. If you trap a lot of heat around your battery for Dell DF192 when using it or during storage, your battery will degrade slowly, and then fail without warning. Finally, if you are using a battery made of an older chemistry such as Nickel Metal Hydride, make sure that you calibrate it at least once every month. This lowers are related capacity loss and keep the battery for Dell DF192 working optimally for long.


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