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Massages, Beers, Sushi.....

Posted Oct 19 2009 10:05pm
Good Morning! I'm a little hungover right now but that's nothing new! I had a fun weekend that involved some pampering, drinking, and quality family time. Let's go back to Friday night.

After work I thought about going to the gym but it was rainy, cold, and miserable. No thanks. Some Twitter friends (hi Dori and Caitlin! ) also made it very tempting to go home and relax with a glass of wine by the computer! That is exactly what I did.

Eventually the boy came over and we decided to grab some dinner. We ended up at Cheeburger Cheeburger for a quick yummy meal. The boy got an Oreo Cheesecake milkshake.

He is weird and didn't like it. I loveeeed it. He said there were too many oreo chunks in there and a milkshake should not be that way. Personally I love huge oreo chunks no matter what it is!

I got a Portabello Mushroom salad.

I took advantage of the unlimited toppings and got carrots, cucumbers, guacamole, feta cheese, garbanzo beans, kidney beans, artichokes, and roasted red peppers.

Delicious! The boy got a burger of course!

We went to the pet store after and got Daisy a new toy!

We watched The Proposal and then the boy went to work and I went to sleep.


Spa day! I got my sister a 1 hour massage and 1 hour facial at Exhale Spa for her wedding. Of course I got myself the package too so we could go together!

I woke up and had a small bowl of cereal since we were also taking a Core Fusion class before the massages!

Kashi Honey Sunshine with raisins.

We took Core Fusion with my favorite teacher. This was the first time my sister took the class and she loved it! She works out all of the time but loved that it targeted muscles in a whole new way. Our teacher gave her a pass too try Core Fusion Sport so we will be going back soon! She now understands why I am so addicted to it. We are both super sore today!

We had an hour to kill before our massages so we went to Hale and Hearty Soups and got salads.

I got the usual....edamame, broccoli, carrots, cucumbers, avocado with carrot ginger dressing.

We went back into the spa and put our feet in the whirlpools. The spa is so pretty and relaxing inside. There was a steam room, 3 whirl pools, and a long padded seating area. Everything is coed. Good to know haha. The massage was wonderful. It felt so good after such an intense Core Fusion class! The facial was great too. It was only my 2nd facial and so much better than my first one. Head massages are the best thing ever! Such a relaxing day!

I went home and met the boy for dinner. He's been craving Subway so I agreed. I've been sick of turkey lately but was starving so I got it anyway.

The bread was stale. Yuck. I brought popchips to munch on too. Not going back to Subway for a while after that.

I came home craving some chocolate so I heated up a cranberry Vitatop with chocolate chips and whipped cream. Fun dessert!

We decided to go to a bar to watch the Yankees game after dinner. We decided to check out this bar we always walk by called Anna's Place. It was the typical neighborhood bar where everyone knows everyone.

I think I had around 6 beers? As if that wasn't enough...we ordered shots before we left. I got a Kamikaze and the boy got Sambuca.

Can you tell which one is which? The one on the right looks like a Kamikaze to me! I realized after taking half the shot that it was Sambuca! EWWW! Puke in my mouth? Yes!

We got a little hungry since we had Subway pretty early so he ordered a Turkey Club.

I had the fries and a few bits of his sandwich. Yummy!

He suggested cereal when we got home and my drunk self agreed. At least it was Kashi Go Lean right? I should have just passed out! Drunk munchies...


I woke up at 2:00 in the afternoon! Yeah 8 million drinks will do that...

My parents told me they were coming around 4:30 to visit Daisy (and me) to have dinner. I had a Z-bar and banana to hold me over till they got there.

We went to the usual delicious Japanese place by my apartment. Here are some recycled pics since I can't take pictures when I am with them!

We started with edamame and this fried tofu appetizer. I didn't like the tofu because it was slimy and did not have any flavor.

I also got miso soup.

Salad with ginger dressing.

Alaskan and vegetable rolls with brown rice. Yummy.

The parents left around 6:30 and then I met boy at a sports bar to watch the Phillies game. We started off at Anna's Place again.

I had a beer and then we moved to a bar on Austin Street that has a much younger crowd. They had Coors Light buckets for $7.00! We got 3! That is why I am a hungover girl today.

From the time we got there to the time we left...he ordered a burger, mozzerella sticks, and a turkey club! I hate guys. I resisted everything except for the fries from the turkey club! That was way later around 11:00 at night. We got home at midnight after the Phillies won 11 to nothing! Wahoo! Tonight we plan on watching them again somewhere in the city. I'll try not to have 10 beers tonight :)

I am off to go catch up on blogs and maybe do work. Have a good day!
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