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Martha Stewart Goes Vegan

Posted Mar 31 2011 8:23pm

It seems like all the big talk show hosts are doing shows on veganism lately.  It started with Oprah, then Ellen had one last week, now Martha Stewart .  Martha’s show aired yesterday, and I made sure to record it.

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First of all, I was so excited when I saw that Oprah was doing a vegan show a few months ago.  After watching it, I had mixed opinions.  I thought it was decent, but felt that it didn’t hit on the great health benefits of veganism, among other things.  But that was awhile ago.. moving on…

I was really curious to see how Martha would handle the same issue.  Oprah, Ellen, and Martha all had Kathy Freston ( Veganist author) on their show, and she always seems to be a great voice for the cause. Martha’s show also featured vegans Biz Stone (co-founder of Twitter ) and Gene Baur (founder of Farm Sanctuary ).  The show was basically split up into 3 sections – Biz, Gene, and Kathy.

  • Biz Stone: He took questions from Twitter and cooked Seitan Bourguignon .  He seemed like a lot of fun, and talked a bit about becoming vegan.  I thought his recipe was a great thing to cook because it’s much more of a whole food option (seitan is made from vital wheat gluten and spices) for vegans, versus pushing processed soy products.
  • Gene Baur: I thought he was amazing, and so knowledgeable about every aspect of veganism and animal welfare.  He founded Farm Sanctuary, which is a safe haven for rescued animals from factory farms/slaughterhouses.  Gene said that Farm Sanctuary is a place “where vegan is normal” and where “animals can be who they are and connect with people”.  He has helped to pass laws for humane treatment and decent space (since they’re often so confined) for animals on factory farms.  Gene has maintained a vegan diet since 1985 said that he gets everything he needs from his plant-based diet.
  • Kathy Freston: Kathy talked a lot about how veganism is great for weight loss and health.  As she mentions in her book, she advocates “ leaning into ” veganism and making the change gradually.  She assured everyone that you can eat everything you love now, just the vegan version.  I think this is good advice for the non-vegans, as a diet shift can be daunting; it’s nice to know that you won’t just be eating salads on this diet until you figure it out a bit more.  Like I mentioned before, I don’t think eating processed vegan products is overly healthy, (as lots of any kind of processed foods aren’t) but making a radical diet change can be tough, and those foods definitely ease the transition.  I’m also not anti-processed food, but know that ultimately, the healthiest foods are whole foods.

All in all, I thought that Martha did a great job addressing the vegan diet. She’s not a vegan, (her daughter is!) but she says that as she learns more and more, she’s not opposed to it.  It tackled veganism in many ways — animal rights, health, and cooking to show people that it’s just as easy and delicious as cooking with meat.  It was very informative, and shed some light on a vegan diet without being preachy at all.  Did any of you watch the show?

Goodnight, everyone! :)

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