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mark down monday: the doldrums

Posted Jul 18 2011 10:27pm
It's already 10pm on Monday night, which is generally my bedtime before my early Cardio Sculpt class on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so this is going to have to be a quick one!

Fortunately, I can sum up my week with one onomatopoeic word: MEHHHHHHH.

As I mentioned earlier, it was midterm week here at the language workshop, and although I didn't feel that I had a whole lot to study, my stress levels were high. I also just hit an emotional low for the first time while being here; I was restless of being in the several square mile radius that is walkable Bloomington, I was tired of the social ventures available here, and I was just tired. Not a good week.

Coupled with the heat wave and a new eating plan, I was not only stressed, but stress-eating all week.  Overall, my five small meals per day trial  went pretty well, but even though I was planning every morsel I would eat the night before, ensuring I would be well-fueled throughout the day, I still felt largely unsatisfied much of the time, which led to stress and boredom-induced snacking.

After having my intake planned to a T last week and stressing about calories, I'm starting to feel like maybe I need to take a break from calorie counting for a little while, now that I am in the swing of things and know how much and when I need to eat to fuel my language learning (and workouts, duh!). I'm going to give myself this week to figure things back out and get my emotions in check, and hopefully I won't need to make any drastic changes come next Monday.

Stat Check
I did okay with last week's goals, especially sunscreen! I've been applying every day. I didn't get to my Organic Hygiene for Normal Gals post due to midterm craziness, but I did post a heat-induced spur of the moment review of my Brita Bottle .

The #FitBlog 3000 in 35 challenge is still going great! Last week I logged 705 reps. I think I'm starting to see some subtle differences in the way my midriff looks.

W tym tygodniu (heck yes, Polski!)
  • Blog: Let's see if I can do more than two posts per week, shall we?
  • Eating: I just want to be happy with my consumption and myself this week. I want to feel satisfied. I do not want to feel stuffed, I do not want to starve. I'm going to do my best to make that happen, while relying less on calorie counting and more on how I feel.
  • Fitness: Push it! This became a theme a little bit last week and I'm ready to take it home this week.
  • Life: Try to get back to the sense of fulfillment   I felt when was not yet bored of being here. Do my best with Polish even when I'm tuckered out or never want to hear a Slavic language again. Take time out for me and the things that I love. Lose myself in a book.
It's amazing how much better I feel after simply thinking this all through. Goal setting is the bomb diggity.

What are your goals this week?
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