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mark down monday: attack of the food monster

Posted Jul 10 2011 9:00pm
It's time to evaluate how I did with my goals this week! While at first my Mark Down Mondays weren't really doing much for me, I'm starting to really enjoy the reflection, as well as looking forward to see how I can improve. I highly recommend it- and I'd love to hear your goals for the week, fitness or otherwise, in the comments.

Fitness Bid'ness
  • Monday- Honestly, I'm so surprised I got out for a run on the Fourth of July. Not only had I eaten quite a bit at the picnic the program threw for us, but I had walked around town to the tune of 3 miles beforehand, AND it was hot as balls. I forced myself outside and completed a sweaty, slow 2 miles.
  • Tuesday- Cardio Sculpt class. Getting a little bored in these classes but I'm not ready to make a big jump up in weight, which is all that's available to me. Trying to do the hard options and push myself whenever possible. Notably (and hilariously), while completing a pike on a stability ball, I rolled off my ball and onto the floor! How graceful.
  • Wendesday- 20 minutes on the elliptical and abs.
  • Thursday- Cardio Sculpt.
  • Friday- 2.89 miles. Made it 1.5 miles without stopping, which I know is wimpy to some of you crazy distance runners, but it's hard for me. Slowly getting to where I want to be for the 5k in November.
  • Saturday- Running Club! It was so hot outside that we didn't want to slog out a whole 5k, so we did a mile of hills followed by some intense group ab work.
  • Sunday- Felt the need to get some more cardio in, so did 20 minutes on the elliptical instead of my usual 5-10 as a strength warmup, and then did my Polish Power workout.

So, overall, I'm pretty happy with my fitness. I got in a lot of running, as planned, and I hope to continue if the weather cooperates.

Fab #FitAbs

The 3000 in 35 #FitAbs challenge is going swimmingly! Last week I completed 708 reps of ab exercises, and I'm aiming for about the same this week. I had planned to dedicate a whole blog post each week to the challenge, but it turns out that it is surprisingly easy to fit at least 100 reps of my favorite exercises into my daily routine, even on days off or days I don't normally work my abs. So why not!? As  a side note, I LOVE " The Tuck " which Ashley taught us this week! So easy, fun and effective!

Beware the Food Monster

What I'm UNhappy with is my eating plan. I really wanted to eat clean this week, but something in me snapped. I ate out way too much, had ice cream twice, an unplanned Friday night outing turned into beer and bar food, and I was snacking all the while. I call myself a food monster when I behave like this. I just go around om nom noming everything that I feel like. The result is that I gained back some of the weight that Indiana had mercifully taken from me.

While I'm not so concerned about my weight, I would like to curb my snacking/craving inducing hunger, so I decided I'm going to plan my meals a little differently this week. Instead of eating 3 larger meals and hoping to get by, I'm going to try to evenly divide up my "meals" and "snacks" to keep me satiated throughout the day. I test drove this plan on Sunday to see if it might work (taking into account my break schedule during class), and here's what happened
  • "Breakfast" (pre and post workout snacks)- Some pineapple and a kashi TLC bar (140 cals), organic chocolate milk (170 cals).
  • Mini Morning Snack 1 (~10am)- 100 cal almond mini muffin
  • Mini Morning Snack 2 (~11am)- Oatmeal made with almond milk (200 cal)
  • Lunch- Turkey, cheddar cheese, mustard on whole grain bread (300 cal)
  • Afternoon Snack (poolside!)- red plum (30 cals), lightly buttered popcorn (30 cals), pb&j on whole grain (360 cals)
  • Dinner- Kashi Frozen Entree (290 cals) sprinkled with goat cheese (30 cals), Pineapple, Baby Carrots, and Wheat thins for Snacky-desserts.
Spreading out my "mini meals," each around 320 calories, really did keep me full and happy all day. This was a fairly active day too- I did strength AND spent the day at the pool. Hopefully this new plan will work well for the coming week (and onward), and help me plan out my meals more carefully so I can afford to eat treats like ice cream and have a beer on Friday night :)

The Coming Week:
  • Eating Goal: Eat clean! PLAN treats and nights out!
  • Fitness Goal: Try to tack on a little more time before stopping and walking on runs.
  • Blog Goal: Continue with my Organic Hygiene for Normal Gals series. Take more pictures! I have one picture from this week, but it makes a very delicious soup look rather gruel-esque.
  • Life Goal: Wear more sunscreen. I didn't reapply at the pool today and I am definitely seeing the results. If I hadn't just bought this sunscreen, I would be running out to the store to shell out the big bucks for Neutrogena, because I use that on my face and my face is now about 3 shades lighter than the rest of my body. Except the rest of my body is mostly pink right now. Hopefully it's not too bad of a burn and will be brown by tomorrow. I'm just grumpy with myself for not thinking that reapplication was necessary. On the bright side, I recently purchased Burt's Bee's Day Creme with SPF 15 , so at least my face will continue to be protected even on non-pool days. 
What are your fitness goals this week?

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