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Marathon Week sucks

Posted Nov 16 2011 6:25am

My big “Whoohoo I’m Running A Marathon This Weekend” week has not been at all what I’d anticipated. I’d even go as far as to say it sucks.

What I was expecting:

  • feeling like a badass, knowing I survived marathon training
  • pampering myself a little bit
  • feeling strong and taking care of myself before the race
  • hydration and healthy eating

What I’ve actually done:

  • run 3 miles (and I’m running 3 more tomorrow)
  • fought binge eating and lost big time today
  • realized I’ve gained weight
  • suffered through that fun time of month
  • come down with laryngitis

Oh yes. As if Marathon Week wasn’t going awesomely enough, the sore throat I alluded to in yesterday’s post has transformed into laryngitis—complete with an almost-missing voice and a lovely cough.

Any volunteers to shoot me now?

The laryngitis, while it sucks, isn’t the end of the world. My voice is MIA, but my throat isn’t sore anymore and my body feels pretty good. I tend to come down with laryngitis about this time every year, so at least I know what to expect.

I was smart and took the day off work, nevertheless, to let myself rest—and Google Joseph Gordon Levitt singing “Redneck Woman—and heal up. Teaching kids requires a voice and right now mine is kaput.(P.S. My boss is seriously awesome and told me to get well soon because I have a marathon to run on Sunday. #1. He was supportive of me taking the day off. #2. He’s been so nice and thoughtful all through my training.)

Marathon training hasn’t been everything I was expecting, but, for the most part, I am satisfied with the effort I’ve put in. At this point all there is to do is wait and see how the race goes. There are so many possibilities it doesn’t make sense to sit and ponder them all day.

4 more days… at this point I’d just like to keep all my wheels from falling off.

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