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Marathon Training Week 9: I ran 18 Miles!

Posted Mar 04 2011 10:42pm
21 Sep 2010 by caitlin, 1 Comment »

What a week!

Let’s just say my training this week started off with a bang. Or fall. That’s right people, I fell. My 4 miler before work was going so well – it was a beautiful, quiet morning, I was taking my new shoes for their first spin, and I had made it through 3 easy miles. And then it happened. It was not a little stumble either – I bit it. I flew through the air, landed hard. Scraped elbow, hand and knee. A biker slowed down to make sure I was okay (which was so nice, but embarrassing). I then limped through then next half mile with a bloody knee until I felt okay picking up the pace again and then slowly made it home. I was so bummed to end a great run that way! But I came home, got bandaged up, and laughed it off.

My long run this week was the NYRR Marathon Tune Up – 18 miles! I was really nervous going into it. My training plan only called for 16 miles, but I really wanted the experience of running with a group and I figured if I could do 16, I could do 2 more miles. The run went pretty well – my goal going into it was to finish, and I did in about 3 hours and 12 minutes (including one bathroom stop, and multiple stops to stretch out my left foot). The one bad part of the run was my foot pain – despite getting new shoes, going to a doctor last week (he told me that it was likely the tendon on the bottom of my toe giving me trouble and showed me some stretches, as well as gave me a pad to wear in my left shoe) the pain this week was worse than ever. I had to stop so many times just to stretch out my toes, and it really slowed me down. Despite such a huge accomplishment of finishing 18 miles (I still can’t believe it!), it was a bummer to still have such bad pain, and to be slowed down by it when I knew I could have finished faster. Now I’m nervous about going any longer distances – so I’m getting a second opinion. Fingers way way crossed that someone can help me out with this mysterious toe/foot pain!

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