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Marathon Training Week 4: Injuries Suck, and I Dominate my Long Run.

Posted Jul 17 2011 8:44pm

Here’s the deal friends: injuries suck.

I’ve been dealing with my foot issues for over a year now (and I say foot issues because I’ve never successfully identified a sole cause – tight hips/calves/Achilles tendons, underdeveloped glutes, tendonitis…all awesome things that are a fairly constant presence on my left side) and it just sucks. Besides pain ranging from mild (somewhat bothersome and annoying) to moderate (fairly painful, need to stop while running, can’t put weight on my foot) occasionally I have a pity party and feel bad for myself that I can’t just put on my shoes and go on a run like I did a few years ago. It sucks that I can’t do something I love and something that’s great for my mind and body without the additional stress of worrying about injuring myself further. I also constantly play the game with myself of why this happened in the first place – is it my shoes? My form? What changed in the last year to make this a constant part of my life?

But enough of that. Back to this week. As per my instructions from my running coach , I did absolutely nothing with my lower body from last Friday- this Friday. My options being limited, I focused on some upper body and core exercises, but mostly I took a lot of time to rest. I iced like it was my job, I slept a lot and tried to eat super cleanly to make up for my lack of movement – lots of fruits and veggies.

Finally Friday morning I did a quick 2 miles on the Bridle path. No pain! Some stiffness for sure, but nothing like I experienced last week. Could this also be because I switched back to my old New Balances from my Nike Frees that I’ve been wearing nonstop for the past 4 weeks? Hmm. Jury is still out on that one.

This morning, I was torn between getting some extra sleep after a late night and getting an early start to avoid the heat for the 8 miles I had to tackle. I tried to find a happy medium, but sleep won out and I got up around 10, meaning after taking Buddy out, eating a piece of bread with sunflower butter and getting dressed, I didn’t leave until after 11.


Waking up to this face isn’t so bad.

It was HOT. I had brought a few dollars along planning to buy a Gatorade in the park after 4 or 5 miles, but ended up having to stop around mile 3.5 because it was so hot. Gatorade is a lifesaver – I definitely felt much better after drinking half. I felt some mild pain in my foot in the first 2 miles or so and after that it was almost non-existent! After running the outer loop for about 4.5 miles I cut in to do 2 loops of the reservoir. I almost never run the reservoir, but it was perfect today – way less crowded than the outer loop and Bridle path, and fairly shaded. I think the combination of shade, softer ground and Gatorade all contributed to a solid last half of my run and I felt really strong, finishing in just under 1:15. Not bad for a hot day and my first long run in 2 weeks! I’ll take it.


I came home and refueled with my favorite smoothie combination these days:

1 cup frozen mango

1 cup frozen mixed berries

1 small banana

1/2 c soy milk


I’ think this combination is the best smoothie, ever. I’ve started using the food processor these days instead of the blender – I prefer thick, almost sorbet-like consistency as opposed to liquid-y smoothies and this is perfect. This was the perfect post-run treat, followed by a quick Epsom salt bath and a cool shower.


I’m really excited to get back into training this week – lots of fun workouts coming up. Even though it’s been a hard week, I’m doing my best to stay positive and doing all I can to stay healthy!

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