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Marathon Training Week 13: Injuries and Ice

Posted Mar 04 2011 10:42pm
18 Oct 2010 by caitlin, 2 Comments »

Well friends it’s been a week.

I’ll spare you the details and give you the short version: I’ve developed tendonitis in my left foot. It started hurting about 10 days ago after an 8 miler and hasn’t gone away. I’ve iced it, I’ve taken rest days (I did 3 runs this week instead of four for a total of 4 days off from running last week) and finally when I woke up Sunday morning I was able to put weight on my foot with no pain for the first time all week. I was super pumped for my last long run!

I set out planning to do 20 miles in Central Park – 3 loops of the park and then a mile to and from my apartment. It was a cool morning and the sun was just coming over the park when I set out – perfect running weather. I started on my first loop and things were going so well – my original foot problem (with my toe) wasn’t bothering me at all, and while my tendonitis was causing a little bit of discomfort in the first 5-6 miles, it was nothing terrible and I decided to keep going.

I completed a second lap of the park, having to stop around mile 11.5 to take the weight off my foot – the tendonitis was getting pretty bad. I told myself I would finish the second lap and see how I felt – I only had one lap left! My time was awesome – no splits over 10:30 and I had tons of energy left. After a brief break I picked it up again despite the pain in my foot and actually had a moment where I thought to myself, “This is the kind of long run that everyone talks about – where you are so prepared, so well rested, fueled and trained, that you feel as if you can go on forever. I’m going to make great time and be so well prepared for the marathon!”

I think I jinxed myself. The next mile things went quickly downhill to the point where I literally had to hobble off the path. I took a break, tried to walk it off to see if I could continue before finally deciding around mile 13.5 that there was just no way I would be able to run 20. I really wanted to get to 15 though, so I ran/walked the next mile and a half. I called Nate and he came and met me and walked with me while I limped through the last half mile.

We stopped and got ice on the way home and he helped draw me a lovely ice bath.

And by lovely I mean horrible and painful.

It was a little easier this time around – I took Emily’s advice and sat in the tub in the coldest possible water first, and then poured the ice in. I also added an extra layer and a hat. And I took Lauren’s advice and screamed…a lot. There’s video to prove it :)

I can honestly say my long run was one of the most frustrating and disappointing runs I’ve ever had. Mentally I was so there – and every other part of me was so ready for this run – my legs, my lungs, my head. If not for my stupid foot, I think I could have had an amazing 20 miles. And now I can’t help but feel like I’m behind in training and nervous for what the next three weeks will bring. I’m taking today and tomorrow as rest days, and hoping for a pain free short run Wednesday. It looks like this week is also now going to bring more physical therapy and a doctor’s visit. Please, please keep your fingers crossed that I heal before race day! I just want to run pain free on November 7th.

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