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Marathon Training Week 11: A Bad Long Run

Posted Sep 05 2011 10:44pm

They can’t all be good.

So far, my marathon training has been going really, really well.  Thanks to my run coaches and a little thing called speedwork , I’ve been getting faster.  My foot has been cooperating, for the most part.

And then this little 16 miler happened yesterday that just sucked.

Let’s back up a bit though.

Tuesday: Rest day ( last week I did my long run on Monday so I’m off a day this week)

Wednesday: 4 mile easy run at run club

Thursday: 6 mile tempo run

Friday: Physique 57

Saturday: Rest day

Sunday: 16 mile long run

Total mileage: 26 miles

Let’s talk about Thursday. 6 miles was my longest tempo run yet and I tackled the Central Park loop. I warmed up for a mile at 9:30, then ran my middle 4 miles all at 8:47 or below (mile 4 was at 8:15!) and then even though I was supposed to “cool down” I took advantage of the mostly downhill last mile and ran it in 7:53. Needless to say, I was feeling pretty great about that run.


Okay, so maybe I spent that last mile thinking about the chocolate soy milk in my fridge. Whatever works.

Maybe that speedy run (plus Friday’s Physique workout) was why my legs were extra tired on Sunday.

photo (6)

Just looking at this room makes my legs hurt.

I can also attribute it to the humidity Sunday morning, and the fact that I only slept for about 5 hours the night before. Who knows.

All I know is I am so thankful for my speedy friend Romina, as she was pretty much the reason I got through that run. We ran a fun route, which included the Brooklyn and Williamsburg Bridges and the West Side Highway, and we chatted about everything from running and family to work and weight loss which helped the miles tick by, but those last few miles my legs were bricks and I couldn’t wait for it to be over. We did 13 .5 together, I went to work for a few hours, and finished the last 2.5 after work.

After a physically and mentally tough run, this is the conversation that went through my head: “That run sucked. I can’t do this. Why was that so hard for me? Why did my legs feel so sluggish? Why am I running another marathon? My last one was less than perfect and I really struggled through the last 6-8 miles – why will this one be any different?”

Lucky for me I work with some really awesome people and have some really great friends who helped me snap out of my negative mindset. After talking with them I realized a few things.

I ran 16 miles yesterday. That’s not nothing. I CAN do this, I WILL do this, and this year will be different.  I am training harder and smarter. One bad run will not take away from the dozens of awesome runs I have had over the past few months.

So, take that terrible run. You sucked, and I’m moving on.

Coming up this week: My actual first track workout, more Physique, and 18 miles that I will crush.

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