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Marathon Monday!

Posted Feb 18 2013 10:54am
Ok, so this is more like the modified version of Marathon Monday .
There are 89 days until the marathon and you know what that means? means that the odds of me finding a hotel are getting slimmer and slimmer.Grrr!Things aren't going too well in that department and it is a bit of a sore spot so...Moving on!Hey! Speaking of sore spots , my hip/leg/IT band/whatever it is from the waist down, is STILL giving me problems. I tried the new shoes and they made it worse. Back they go. No worries, that means I get to shop for more running shoes. Yay! C'mon, you know you love it, too!In the mean time, I actually took a full blown rest day yesterday. The foam roller and I had a seriously hot date on Saturday night. A little rolling, a little Big Bang Theory marathon...I lead an exciting life, seriously. Try and keep up! Ha!Today went a little like this...That's right, a little gun show action!
Yep, I'm a Heart Throb!
That is my t-shirt from the Heart Throb Virtual 5K that I did. I don't do too many virtual runs. I have access to so many actual races that the virtual runs fall a little flat for me. I know people love them. The few I have done are ones that benefited a group, or organization. The proceeds for this one went to Athletes Serving Athletes , I have also supported some fellow runners that are part of Team in Training. Again, I do it for the cause and not for the 'bling'. This t-shirt is pretty cute though.
So, yeah, I started my day with a full body strength training workout and finished it with a 10 minute ab session that felt like 10 hours. It ranks pretty high on the 'I-Could-Nearly-Vomit' scale.I also decided that I need to detox from my muffin addiction.I decided that I would do oatmeal. I *love* oatmeal and have been thinking about it since last night.Mouth watering, I added what was supposed to be a touch of stevia and it sort of dumped in. My oats were gross and nasty, but I was starving and too mad to remake them. HaHa...nice, right?For the rest of the day, I am going to pretend that I had this mocha muffin for breakfast. That's from yesterday and it totally rocked my muffin world!Ah, if only...
Well, my fit & fabulous friends, Trader Joe's has been calling my name for a few days now, so I plan to get on that right away! It is my duty, right? Of course!
Have a Magnificent Monday!
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