March 11, 2013 · 10:26 am
- Rene Magritte | The Pursuit of Hippieness

One of the highlights of my amazing trip to Brussels (among many) was a visit to the Magritte Museum. It was wonderful (more details in the next couple of days), but one of the coolest features was Magritte’s quotes interspersed throughout the exhibit, along with an accompanying booklet. He said some avant-garde but very introspective things! The quote above was one of my favorites.

What I take away from this is the idea that when we separate ourselves from this specific identity that we have in mind, we become free. Possibility is a beautiful thing, and it’s unfair to force ourselves in one direction. As the end of my college career looms closer and closer, I’m thinking about the next stage in my life, and it can be very overwhelming. So I’m trying to breathe, and let it all go, and know that I have many options. I’m not obligated to be anything other than what I want to be in that moment.

Lots going on this week: more travel plans tomorrow, a Brussels recap, and more. Stay tuned!

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