March 4, 2013 · 2:35 pm

e.e. cummings | The Pursuit of HippienessMaybe I’m speaking too soon, but it seems like the winter left with February! We have a beautiful forecast of sixties and sunny over the next few days. I woke up to birds chirping this morning and was greeted by these flowers when I walked outside. After weeks of gray, it’s nice to know that Parisian skies also come in beautiful blue.

I am inspired by all seasons, but there’s something so fresh and hopeful about spring. I also love how there’s just a shift of everything and everyone to the outdoors; like everyone is emerging from hibernation.

This afternoon, I set up my yoga mat in front of my balcony windows, right where the sun streams in at that time of day. One of the characteristics of spring is that it brings a flurry of life and activity, but I felt totally still and at peace in that moment. I know we’re still technically a couple of weeks away from the solstice, but I think it’s here in spirit already.

Have a beautiful day, and stay tuned for tomorrow… I have another travel announcement!


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