June 25, 2013 · 8:12 am

allen ginsberg inner moonlight

A classic quote by Allen Ginsberg in honor of that super moon. Did anybody see it? It was really bright when I was out the other night, but most impressive was when I briefly woke up just before dawn; it was huge, colorful, and staring at me through the window. Nature is amazing, y’all.

Also amazing? The way it has an ability to affect us. In my alternative medicine class, we’ve been learning a lot about ancient schools of medicine like Ayurveda and TCM. The moon has been known for thousands of years to wreak havoc on normalcy and our moods, especially women (we, like the moon, are associated with a lot of yin energy). I felt a bit out of whack this weekend, which I could chalk up to business and stress, but I’ll blame it on the moon. And the solstice. Think about it: that’s a lot of concentrated natural energy.

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