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Manifest Your Desires: Part IV

Posted Oct 03 2013 11:05am

We’ve gotten clear.

We’ve talked about the importance of believing.

We’ve talked gratitude and patience.

Now, we’re onto the final step.


Often times, when we get clear about what we want, we can allow our ego to kinda sneak in and convince us that, if we don’t get that thing in three months, we’re screwed. It’s so important to release your desires to the Universe. 

Remember how we talked about letting the Universe do your dreaming for you? Bring yourself back to that. Use faith, hope and trust as your anchors to ground you. Let go and trust the Universe is bringing everything to you in Divine timing. When we decide to stop holding onto stuff so tightly, in that release, we make space for the Universe to come in and do its thing.

Remember how far you’ve come. Don’t undo the hard work that you’ve done! Replace old limiting beliefs with new beliefs that remind you your goal is already here. Pay attention to how your already achieved goal is making its way to you. See the signs and express gratitude to the Universe for showing you that your goal is on the truck! Keep celebrating! Every moment of every day that you remember that you are in Divine partnership with the Universe is a moment to celebrate. Every miracle and blessing that you experience on the way is a moment to celebrate. 


Keep gentle reminders by your work space, on your fridge, on your mirror, and on your cell phone. I have an alarm that goes off on my laptop at 9:00 a.m. that says, “I welcome infinite possibilities. I will receive.” I have my vision board next to my work space. I have A Course in Miracles by me at all times, reminding me to come back home. Keep these gentle reminders near your heart always so, as you take action in accordance with your inner soul sister and practice faith, patience, and gratitude, you can have those gentle reminders to amp up your focus and your faith. Keep focusing on how you want to feel instead of who you want to become…that’s how you notice and know that you’re already there.

If you have any questions or want to share something about your own manifestations, you can always shoot me an email . I’m here for you!

Stay lovely,

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