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Manic Monday

Posted Jan 24 2011 9:06pm
Who's excited about the Packer win last night?? We're goin' to the ship. what? We're goin' to the ship. what? It's about dang time the Green and Gold go to the Superbowl. Anyways. Sorry about being MIA lately. My schedule is a bit crazy this semester and I don't have much time to blog. No worries, I am still cooking away! My old bestie JIF paid me a little visit during breakfast this early mornin! He made me realize that I am completely partial to homemade/raw nut butters. I'm just not feelin the mass produced, sugar-added kind of PB anymore. Nonetheless, my breakfast was delightful per usual.
The mix included 3T rolled oats, 2T oat bran, 1/2T chia seed meal, 1/2 banana, sprinkle of cinnamon, 1/4C almond milk and about a cup of water.

My toppings included a big handful of raisins, ~1T peanut butter, 1T peanut flour sauce, and 1/2 sliced banana
Monday has always been my least favorite day of the week. Things haven't changed one bit this semester! I am gone from AM to PM: morning classes and a night class, plus work in between! What does that mean for eats?
TUPPERWARE + Snack Baggies
Yes, I had to pack lunch, dinner, and all my snackies in between today, so I figured I would show you guys how I strategically plan my on-the-go meals!
First, Today's menu...
Lunch: Spinach Salad: 2C spinach, plum tomatoes, 1/2C cottage cheese, turkey, and dried cranberries
Dinner: 1/3C quinoa and baked chicken topped with marinara sauce.
Snacks: apple, orange, baby carrots, and vanilla nonfat yogurt
Take a lookski....
I like to make sure that my main meals are stocked with veggies and protein so I stay full throughout the day. I am lucky to have a refrigerator and microwave at work so I can pack perishable foods and not have to worry about it spoiling or eating cold food for that matter! Fruits and veggies are extremely easy snacks to pack and not to mention, filled with lots of good stuff called nutrients that your body loves!
Yesterday, and typically every Sunday, I made a big batch of quinoa and baked a few chicken breasts (seasoned with Sunny Paris) for the rest of the week. If you are a crazy person like me during the week, I highly suggest pre-making food on the weekends to enjoy during the week. Other easy things that I like to make in bulk are chili, brown rice, oats, and hard boiled eggs! The only pain about packing your own food is having to lug it around. I seriously need to invest in a nerdy lunch bag. Do you have any suggestions of easy, healthy  foods to pack on-the-go?PS: Like the new changes I made on CFF?
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