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man vs. (woman vs.) food

Posted Oct 13 2012 12:57pm
It's been a little nutty around here this week. Mike and I took a trip home to New Jersey over last weekend and that made the first three days of my week super busy I scrambled to complete work and reading I hadn't had time to start over the weekend.

In combination with that, I found out that I am finally starting my internship on Monday; since I will be working within the government, I had to wait for certain protocols to be fulfilled before beginning work, and the whole process took about 8 weeks longer than everyone anticipated. I'm really excited to be finally starting, but the proverbial shit is about to hit the fan in terms of how busy my life is about to get.

And lastly, I've swung into full gear prepping for the Multiple Myeloma Race for Research which is now less than a month away. We are almost one-fifth of the way to our $5000 fundraising goal! (You can donate to Team Jimmy J here . Every penny counts!) I've also been talking with the great people at the MMRF about how to make the race even more special, since it is taking place on Veteran's Day: suffice it to say it's going to be a great day! I can't wait.

My brother and me at last year's Race for Research. 

But the real reason for this post is something else entirely: Mike and I have come to a crossroads in our relationship. We have realized that our ideal diets are essentially the opposite of one another.

Mike is a naturally skinny guy with a fast metabolism. Even though he likes eating healthy with me, if he is constantly following my eating plan, which includes very few starchy carbs and lots of vegetables, he is going to lose weight and have a hard time building muscle.

At the same time, if I were to consume the amount of starchy carbs he does (or you might say, the amount of starchy carbs any average American consumes), I will undoubtedly gain weight. While I'm not actively trying to lose weight at the moment, a diet like this will significantly impede my quest to stay toned... not to mention my self-esteem.

It seems like the ideal diets for men and women are fairly divergent. To cope with this, we could theoretically just eat different meals all the time, but we enjoy cooking together and trying new recipes. So we're trying to figure out the balance of getting Mike the protein and carbs he needs while also maintaining a certain standard of clean, lean, and green eating around here.

One of Mike's famous Sunday morning spreads!
Sometimes I indulge in one of Mike's expertly made Sunday morning omelettes... and sometimes Mike enjoys the healthy, veggie-filled meals I make myself more than I do. I would like his metabolism switched with mine, please!

How do you and your significant other/roommates reconcile your different eating habits?
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