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Man’s Origin and Original Diet?

Posted Dec 14 2012 12:01pm

Y’all know I am not one for dogma. I want to be happy and healthy, I want others to be happy and healthy, and I think certain ways of eating greatly contribute to that. I don’t believe stressing out over your food choices makes you very happy, let alone healthy. As simple as that.

But lately I have felt myself taking on a more stronger point of view when it comes to eating animals. Not because I want to make anyone’s eating habits ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’. It feels more like an inner wisdom strongly bubbling up. I will still always respect anyone and everyone’s food choices, but I can no longer say I am not sure whether or not eating animals is natural for human beings. It isn’t. And here is why.


Our entire physiology is built around eating plants. Seriously, if I hear one more person going off like a recording saying ‘humans are omnivores’ I think I will throw an apple at them. This is something we have heard time and time again, but did we ever take the time to research whether or not this is true? Did we ever take the time to think critically about this popular slogan? No, as is the case for most things we have been fed as being the truth since we were old enough to believe everything our parents/teachers told us was right. Humans are not omnivores. We are herbivores. Our bodies give it away.

Let’s start with how we walk and our speed and agility. Do you figure you could chase after an animal in the wild and catch it? For most animals, this would be a no. But say, ok, pigs and cows….

… Take a look at your hands. Do they have claws that can rip apart a cow or a pig? Or even a chicken? Could your bare hands protect you from another animal attacking you (kittens don’t count)?

And what about your pearly whites? Do you have fangs and a set of teeth sharp enough to bite into an animal carcass? One that hasn’t been neatly processed, flavoured and BBQ’d. I mean of course a real animal (the one that you just killed with your bare hands, remember?), skin n all. No, humans have molars, made for masticating plant matter.

Our whole digestive system is set up for digesting plants, not animals. For one, our stomach acid is way too low to efficiently digest animal proteins. Our level of stomach acidity matches that of a herbivore. This relatively low level of stomach acidity also makes that we shouldn’t eat raw meat because of the parasites and bacteria that wouldn’t be fully killed. Our intestines are long and curved, like that of other herbivores, whereas carnivores or omnivores have short and straight intestines. This is because dead animal should pass through the system as quickly as possible, before it starts to rot and putrify (which is what happens when we do eat meat). Our liver is also smaller than that of animals who eat other animals.

There are many more physiological pointers that make it very clear that we are in fact herbivores, have a look:

Man’s Origins & Optimal Diet

There are many ‘diets’, or ways of eating, that are able to sustain human life. What I find much more interesting however, is eating according to natural law, adhering to our natural and thus most optimal diet, and thriving (instead of surviving) as a result. The mere fact that we can survive a diet based on grains, meat and processed foods (although even surviving doesn’t seem to be the case anymore with incredible numbers of people dying from diet and weight related diseases) does not equal these diets being optimal for us. We can see this example in our furry, four legged companions too. We feed our cats and dogs far from a natural diet, yet they live for a decade, maybe a little longer. It’s not that these animals would live beyond this age in the wild, it’s the fact that they would die a natural and more graceful death, rather than suffering from degenerative disease that pains them for years, as is the case with humans. In the wild, these animals would die out of old adage, parasites or infection, or being killed by another animal. Not cancers and tumors. That is because our pets live an unnatural lifestyle (indoors) and eat a completely rediculous diet of canned foods. We are putting our companion animals through as much as pain as we do unto ourselves, both seemingly without realising it.

What we can learn from this is that with going back to our original diet, we can live a disease free live, at least those diseases caused by unhealthy diet and lifestyle habits (which is most modern dis-ease). Let me preface the next part by saying that I, nor anyone else, don’t ‘know’ what our origins and original diet is. Of course, no one is able to know. We can only speculate, or we can call on our intuition, our innate wisdom and logic. Here is a little mental exercise that can help you picture what would be a natural diet for human.

Picture yourself in an environment where you are without tools and without the ability to make a fire. You have at your disposal only the resources that are readily available to you. A substantial number of trees with fruits and nuts. In the open spaces; grasses, weeds, leafy green plants and their roots. Of course, there is also an abundance of birds, rabbits, squirrels, deer, and other animals.

Can you imagine capturing a deer with your bare hands under the speed you develop by running after it, or by surprising it and pouncing upon it? Do you see yourself sinking your teeth into it and killing it with one fatal bite to its vein? Do you relish the thought of a blood-covered face and body while feasting on it’s hairy skin, crunching its bones, and slurp his blood and organs? Does this mental image repulse or delight you? (Your answer here matters, it tells you about your natural preferance as a human being)

Do you think you could sit in a field picking miniscule seeds of grass for hours on end, trying to get your caloric and nutritional needs met? Would you enjoy laborious hours of chewing tough grains to break down the seeds for digestion?

Now imagine digging root vegetables with your bare hands and fingernails and eating them, unwashed and covered with soil. Does this seem like a practical, day-to-day solution for your food resource?

Can you imagine obtaining enough calories from weeds or green leafs?

Now picture yourself taking ripened bananas from the tree and collecting ripe fruit that has fallen to the ground. Using your hands and fingers to peel the skins, or throwing a watermelon to the ground to break it open. Imagine picking ripe figs and berries, papayas and mangos and biting into them. Would you enjoy the ease of obtaining and ‘preparing’, the naturally sweet taste, and the juicy, meaty texture of eating fruit? Can you imagine meeting your caloric needs on an abundance of sweet fruits?

I find this mental visualisation exercise more powerful than any ‘scientific’ backup of our natural, original diet. Fossils have been found both in favor of ‘proving’ human beings are naturally frugivores (fruit eaters) and omnivores/meat eaters. As with any scientific data when it comes to nutrition, there is always proof for both sides, which has led me long ago to abandon this way of revealing the ‘truth’.

There is no doubt about human beings having ‘evolved’ on meat and grain based diets due to our shift towards hunting and gathering and our invention of agriculture. Both have been necessary at times, to built community. However, when we go back in time far enough, you’ll have to agree with me there was once a time before tools and fire. A time where we lived in a tropical climate, and foraged (gathered) our food. From the exercise above I think it is obvious we ate a completely raw and plant based diet, before anything else. Mostly sweet fruits, completed with grasses, green leafs, nuts and seeds.

I think now that we have used tools like eating animal protein and cooking and processing our foods to get where we are, we should go back to our origins, our natural and thus optimal diet, so we can start to develop spiritually once again. Reconnect with nature, honor her, instead of abuse her. With the pivotal 21.12.12 and it’s promise for huge shifts in Universal consciousness upon us now is the time, more than ever.

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