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Male Hair Loss Treatment Affects Erections?

Posted Dec 08 2012 3:46am

The male hair loss treatment industry is flourishing worldwide, with more and more men willing to pay for expensive and in many cases ineffective treatments to stop hair loss.  One of the most popular drugs used is Finasteride (aka Propecia), which blocks the Dihydrotesterone (DHT) male hormone, and Minoxidil (aka Regaine), which boosts the blood circulation to the hair follicles on the head.

The good news is that the trials and the number of men who take these medications show that they really work for stopping hair loss, when started on time.

And the bad news – this male hair loss treatment affects erections?

The bad news is that this male hair loss treatment affects erections – these drugs have been proven to cause erectile dysfunction and the loss of libido as a side effect. This artificial lowering of the testosterone levels in the man’s body can cause hypogonadism, which means that the sex glands (the testes) produce very little and even no sex hormones.  Needless to say, this leads to quite a bit of problems in the intimate sphere for the men affected.  Other side effects of these drugs include: fatigue, loss of joy in living, anxiety and even some cardiac problems as well.

So, is there a point for a man to try to resolve the issue with hair loss and balding, but as a result to lose all sexual desire and sexual abilities?

The fact is that these hormone blocking pills are prescribed to men who are going through a transgender procedure, because it causes males to become more feminine.

So, feminine, anxious and with a total lack of sexual desire is what a number of men undergoing this hair loss treatment therapy have had to face.

No wonder, that more and more cases of men suing the producer Merck are reported.  The main claim is that the people using it have become impotent – with erectile dysfunction, reduced semen and a total lack of libido. Propecia has also shown to cause other side effects, including: infertility and reduction of neurosteroids, as well as anxiety and depression.

The men who are filing suits as a result of the use of Propecia (Finasteride) claim that this drug has ruined their lives, and irreversibly they fear. Some of them have been found to have become sterile and thus unable to have children.

Also, the men affected have complained that the other side effects such as: anxiety and depression have further worsened not only their private and social lives but their careers, as well.

The fact that the producer didn’t change the warning labels of the possible side effects on this product up until 2011, even though it was changed back in 2008 in Sweden following extensive research by their authorities there, has caused even more ripple and lawsuits to be filed in the US and UK.

Patients have been looking for settlements and compensation for the possibly permanent impairment they have received, covering all medical bills and other losses and suffering they have gone through following this hair loss treatment.

The alternative hair loss treatments, which men have been desperately turning to more often in the latest years, include: certain topical treatments, lotions and shampoos, various laser combs, and grafting (hair transplants).

When choosing one of these, probably the most reliable way to deal with hair loss, but also the most expensive one is to go to a reputable clinic to get hair grafts. The shampoos and laser combs still have no 100% proven effect on treating hair loss.

Anyhow, as it turns out, the low self-esteem and depression which comes with early hair loss will in no way improve if you decide to use the male hair loss treatment which affects erections, causing erectile dysfunction, loss of libido and fertility, as well as overall anxiety and depression.

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