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Male Contraception – Important Information you should know

Posted Jul 06 2008 12:00am

OK so you are a man and upon viewing the title your brain starts to think , It’s not my job my Girlfriend or wife will sort that side of the relationship out, Sorry but you are wrong. It would be a very naive way of thinking for a man to jump into bed thinking that he isn’t responsible for the contraception side of things.

Out there it’s a tough world and with sexually transmitted diseases on the up rise it’s vital as a man that you look after your sexual health. If your girlfriend or wife is taking a pill, had an implant and is protected against pregnancy. You need to be aware that pregnancy is not the only thing to protect yourself from. There are many men that think pregnancy is the problem; In the UK today one in 3 sexually active men under 30 will carry a STD and not even now of its existence.

I don’t mean to soon sexist, because it’s the women too! For 1 in 3 men that carry a disease the same figures also apply to women. However as a man you can think about protecting your manhood. There is an ingenious invention called a condom!

Don’t worry about the cost of a packet of condoms it is nothing to the harsh reality of having to go through the embarrassment of getting treated for an STD. If you can’t afford the cost and feel it’s too much then there are family planning clinics that offer free condoms. Most NHS doctors will offer you free family planning and there are centres for young men up until the age of 21 to call in and get free condoms.

These centres are called the brook advisory clinics and there could be one local to you depending which town in England you reside. There has been a lot of talk recently about a new study done into a male contraceptive! – Don’t want to worry you it’s not avalible yet but scientists have discovered new research that by injecting the male hormones into your body it can actually prevent you from producing child bearing sperms.

There is also the possibility of getting a vasectomy. A vasectomy is a small operation made to a man that prevents your sperms from producing the chromosomes that are needed to create a human life.

Most men that go through this process do so as they already are married and have more than one child without wanting any more. This is in most cases is an irreversible process and it’s certainly not a decision to be taken lightly.

The best way to protect yourself from unwanted pregnancies, diseases and embarrassment is to use condoms. They won’t harm you and are less expensive than your life is worth!

Be wise protect your manhood,

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