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Making plans and puppy’s day out

Posted Jun 27 2012 10:09pm
Home Baby Making plans and puppy’s day out

10 comments Jun 27/12 Baby, Dogs, Giveaways, Healthy Eating, Pregnancy

Up until a few days ago, I felt like a slacker in the mommy-to-be department.  My thoughts have obviously been consumed by fur babies lately, so on Monday, I refocused lots of my energy back to the human kind.

My first order of business was to register for all of the baby classes Michael and I plan to take.



Mission accomplished.

We’re now signed up for infant and toddler CPR training, a cloth diapering course, a 4-week childbirth class, and a hospital tour.

I feel so much better now that all of those things are booked, but unfortunately, the childbirth class we wanted to take was already filled up.  Now we’ll have to wait until September to start taking the class which is cutting it a bit close (my due date is October 24th).   Serves me right for being a slacker though!

And this is sort of baby-related…

Michael and I booked a trip to Aruba for our babymoon!

Before I got pregnant, I honestly thought that the whole concept of a babymoon was so lame.  Now I am dying to take a getaway with my husband and think it will be such a blast (even with non-alcoholic beverages and a huge belly).

I can’t seem to focus all of my attention on humans though.  Lucy and I are growing quite attached to each other, and I took her on a little car ride to Petsmart yesterday morning.


She seemed to have a really good time picking out some new toys, and I was surprised that she was so well-behaved in the cart.



Unfortunately, it didn’t last.

The cashier called her name when we got to the register, and Lucy jumped right out of the cart and fell flat on the floor before I could stop her.

The man waiting in the line behind me gasped, and I felt like such a negligent mother.  Guess I won’t be receiving my mother-of-the-year award any time soon.

Don’t worry- she shook it right off and only seemed to be stirred for a few seconds.  As soon as we arrived home, she started to play with her new teething ring.


She’s already a spoiled little puppy.  Not only did I buy her three new toys that morning, my sister gave her a new toy that day as well.


It’s hard not to spoil her though.  She melts my heart!

Last night, I was going to make a new healthy recipe to share with all of you, but Michael requested leftover barbeque.  I figured it was a good opportunity for me to try those new mushroom rice burgers from Earth Fare.



I thought that they were pretty good. They remind me of Boca burgers as far as consistency, but they taste much better.  In my experience, a lot of vegetarian burgers can taste processed.   If you live near an Earth Fare, I’d say these are worth picking up!

Do you take your pet for car rides?  Any adventures to the pet store?

What is your favorite vegetarian or vegan burger?  Suggestions are definitely appreciated!

Enjoy your day!

(PS- You still have today to enter the Schick giveaway!)






  1. Awww, that puppy is so cute! Congratulations on the impending baby. I believe I was in a state of pure panic when I was where you are now. Good job keeping cool. No worries on being a slacker, and those classes? You’ll get through labor with or without them. Don’t sweat it if you miss them.

    Stopping in from SITS!
    have a lovely day

    • Thanks so much for stopping by! :) As far as the classes, I’ll probably forget everything I learned when the time comes anyway! Haha. Hope you have a great day! :)

  2. The babymoon concept is awesome :) Yay Aruba!

    My fave veggie burger is Dr. Praegers — they’re so yummy! Dr. P’s makes a lot of flavors, but I think California is my favorite.

  3. Michelle

    Yay Aruba!!!!

  4. I really want to steal your pup. SO CUTE. But you’re such a sweetheart, I could never do that to you. :) I like the spicy black bean burgers by Morningstar but have heard great things about Dr. Praeger’s veggie burgers too!

    • Haha. Thanks for not stealing my dog. :) If you lived closer, I’d totally let you hang out with her, of course. I never tried the spicy black bean burgers, so I’ll add those to my list!

  5. Great Post and love the babymoon – how exciting! I use to take my Oli on car rides all the time growing up and he loved going through the drive thru at Mickey D’s for a plain burger/fries or a cone:) Have a Great Day!

    • We took Emma to the Mickey D’s drive thru about 3 days before she died. I think she loved it, so hopefully, she’s eating those burgers up in heaven. Hope you have a great day too!

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