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Making peace with the pole...

Posted Nov 12 2012 6:52pm
It was a crisp and sunny morning for a run!

Despite my chilly buns I was so relieved to feel okay otherwise during the run.  I definitely felt a little off my game having laid around and slept for an entire week and my legs and hips were a bit tighter than usual.  But thankfully my head felt fine and I didn't feel any kind of dizziness, disorientation or headache.  Phew!  It was such a beautiful, crisp morning I was so glad to be out passing some kms with my fellow Goofs.  

Thumbs up for feeling good on my first post-concussion run!

Saturday was my son's 2nd birthday and we had a busy day ahead so after we finished our 14km without any pole-mishaps or other emergencies, I headed straight home.  Despite my chilly buns and tight hips, I considered this run was a success and that I was good to go for Sunday's 19km.

The next morning we met at the store at 7:30am.  This time I bundled up in a few warmer layers and arrived excited to tackle a slightly longer distance.  There had been some talk of tacking on some extra kms to make this run 16km but I was nervous about pushing my luck and decided to just stick with our schedule as planned and hope for the best.

When the others arrived, we all had a good laugh when one of them brought along his racing helmet for me to borrow just in case I came up against any poles on our run!  Ha ha.  Couldn't resist taking a picture of that one...

Protect your noggin when you're out jogging - wear a helmet!
We headed out from the store and I knew there was something I had to do first.  It was only a few steps away so I decided I should be the bigger person and go make peace with the pole.  I approached it cautiously just in case it decided to take another round out of me.  I even got a bit daring and decided to lean in for a little hug, just to let the pole know that I had forgiven it for taking me down.

In the end, I like to think that the pole and I had maybe become friends.  Feeling at peace, we carried on down the sidewalk and off for our 19km.  We followed a route that I had never run before, going way off to the west.  My friend and I laughed about how disoriented we felt running in new territory and how we both had no feeling whatsoever for how far we had run.  We both agreed that the 19km felt longer than it should have.

It was a very chilly run too but we took the pace easy and had a nice run.  I was thankful that my tight hips from Saturday didn't bother me and neither did any of my post concussion worries either.  Phew!  I guess I'm feeling more positive now about jumping back into my training and carrying on.

I was so relieved to have had a second good run and couldn't help smiling as we headed over to Tim Horton's for some chocolate milk and a post-run treat.  I'm really enjoying the post-run visits our group usually has after our Sunday runs.  Even the faster runners who finish quite aways ahead of the rest of us hang around and wait for us to have coffee.  It's so nice to meet up again and chat about the route and also discuss our travel plans and ideas for making the Florida trip as fun as possible.  We're all getting pretty excited that we're past the halfway mark and Goofy is just around the corner!

So all in all, it was a great weekend of running for me.  I completed both of the long runs I had planned and felt fine throughout both.  I think I can finally put the whole concussion thing behind me and concentrate on getting ready for Goofy.  I also made peace with the pole but I'll still be watching it very carefully every time I run down that stretch of sidewalk, you know, just to make sure it doesn't jump out at me again for an encore performance!
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