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Making an Effort

Posted Sep 11 2009 4:54pm
Hello my pretties!

I'm in a MUCH better mood today :D I was actually motivated to get out and do stuff! Since I didn't go to bed until 1:40 (I did blog comment like I promised), I woke up on the late side around 9:20. I was kinda meaning to make oats, but I wasn't feeling it. Too much work. So I made a vitatop parfait!

Standard yogurt mix with a deep chocolate vitatop and maple almond butter.

Then I was a good blog commenter and got through my google reader. At around 11:30 I hit the road to get my lightrail/bus pass at the transit office. The line took for ever! Well, about 50 minutes. But after that I trekked to the harp studio and located my bag of strings and missing harp shoes. Score! Then I hit up Sunflower Market. I really paid attention to the sales and tried to get mostly sale items. I spent less than $40 and managed to save $14.49! That's really good for me, since I tend to be an expensive grocery shopper. They also had a ridiculously amazing Zevia sale--buy one get one FREE! Uh, yes please! I love that soda, but it's so freaking expensive.

I don't always take pictures of these (I usually don't take pictures of drinks in general,) but here ya go:

I love the new Black Cherry and Ginger Ale flavors--they don't have that slight after-taste that the others have.

When I got back I was pretty hungry, so I had some grapes:

x2.5 throughout the day

And an amazingly delicious so-juicy-you-have-to-eat-it-over-the-sink nectarine:

And then I had a JUMBO veggie burger salad with ketchup and mustard:

I used a new black bean chipotle gardenburger. It was alright--it smelled amazing when it was cooking, and it tasted pretty good. I like the grilled chick'n and bistro burgers more, though.

Then I lounged around for a few hours. Since I had a late lunch, I wasn't hungry for a big dinner. And I was craving breakfast for dinner, so I made a pumpkin greek yogurt combo, with a full sliced banana, topped with dried apples I got from Sunflower market today. I also had some more Justin's maple almond butter. Love that stuff!:

And I had some extra dried apples of course! They're yummy:

Around 7:15, I managed to get myself dressed and out the door to the YMCA. I guess I'm becoming a regular there! I'm starting to recognize a few people.

Before I go on, I want to say that I signed up for a 5k race on Friday night! I'm excited because though I don't feel safe running by myself around here, I feel safe at races. I haven't had a chance to really run since I've got here, so this will be nice! I'm hoping to find a running group to run with soon.

Anyway, I went to the gym tonight thinking about how to prepare for the race. I decided that since I can't run outside safely right now, and because running long distances on the treadmill doesn't really work (my form changes on the treadmill--I can't really get my forward lean when I'm on it), the best way to prepare mentally and physically would be to do some high intensity heart rate work on the elliptical. I know myself and know that my legs are gonna be able to run the 5k. But I need to be reminded of how it feels cardiovascularly--I go WAY all out in a 5k. So I tried to keep my HR in the 170's the whole time, except for intervals where I'd kick it up til my HR was in the 180's, up to about 187 or so. I know when I'm racing a 5k it's usually around 188 on average. So, I didn't want to totally burn out before the race, just remind my body what it feels like to work really hard.

I'm sure I looked totally psycho in that gym. Most of the people there were in normal clothes (some of the women without a sports bra), pretty overweight, and going at a snail's pace on the treadmill or elliptical. And then there's me, this teeny little blonde girl, going crazy and about 5x faster than everyone else while literally gasping for breath during those interval sessions. I got some stares, but whatever ;) I did 60 minutes on the elliptical--the first 30 were pretty intense, then I backed off a bit for the last 30.

Oh and before I forget, Dori asked a great question:

"Why do you prefer the Arc trainer to the elliptical? I find it harder to read on the Arc and usually only used it (when I had my gym membership ) when I wanted a change from the elliptical, but I went to the elliptical much more often. I'm curious to hear your thoughts on this!"

It's a personal preference, but I feel like I can get a better workout on the arc trainer. I wear a heart rate monitor, and I can get my heart rate up a lot faster on the arc trainer. I also like the semi-circular but sweeping back and forth motion of the arc trainer--I feel that it's easier on my knees. But I like how the motion is more different from running than the elliptical machine. My body responds to it better as a cross-training option for running.

Again, it's a personal preference, but I like it because it feels harder, it's easy on my knees, and I like the sweeping motion of the machine, compared to simulated, low impact "running" you get with a regular elliptical. And I don't always read when I workout, but I've definitely read magazines on the arc trainer before. It's a bit harder cause you're situated farther away from the magazine then on the elliptical, but I usually work out at a moderate to high intensity and end up not reading much of the magazine anyway. I hope this answered your question!

Alright guys, I'm ready to read blogs and get ready for bed! I'm definitely feeling better now that I'm making myself get out of the house and get things done. The race should be fun, too! They always lift my spirits! Err-- except for the last one. That one wasn't so fun. But hey, we only get rain about 10 days a year in Arizona (haha now just watch it rain on Friday. Just watch!) Hope you guys are having a fantastic week--I can't believe tomorrow's Thursday!

Q: Have you ever done a night race? If so, do you have any tips?

This will be my first evening race (it starts at 7:00). I'm not really sure how to prepare the day of. I think I may end up eating oatmeal as an afternoon "dinner," cause I know that's what works in my morning races! Since I'm gonna be running like the police are chasing me, I don't want to eat something weird and then throw up. I'd kinda like to avoid that part. I mean, I've done evening runs before but it's different when you're running at a HR of 170 compared a HR of 193!

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