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Makeover your workout with one simple switch!

Posted Mar 25 2013 7:00am

Some studies suggest that we have 60,000 thoughts per day.

Have you thought about the thoughts that you are thinking during your workout? Are you that person who compares yourself to others at the gym? Do you look at the person doing an advanced yoga pose and tell yourself you are less-than that person because you aren’t doing that pose?

Yoga means union – unification of your mind and your body. Answer this question (and get honest, yo): Are you truly united mind and body during your workout?

A couple of months ago, I started to notice that, when things got tough during my workout, I would go straight into Egoville. “You can’t do this” and “This move is too hard for you. Just give up” were the main ones that dominated my mind. Sound familiar? 

If I’m not teaching at Mind Body Barre, I get my yoga on or complete a pilates workout at home. These are ways I move for my mind and my body, but it’s no good if I’m feeding myself and listening to doses of fear, right? For the past six months, I’ve made one simple switch to my workouts: I mantra while I move. 


Snow White whistled while she worked to make work more fun! Why don’t we mantra while we move to make our workouts more fun and meaningful? Bring the passion to your workouts with mantras.

While I move, I pick one mantra and repeat it to myself throughout the workout when I feel that I need it (when a difficult move comes or when my mind goes into Egoville). Sometimes, it’s a simple mantra like “I am strong” or “I am balanced” or “I am powerful.” Other times, it’s lengthier. I might say to myself, “My body is a messenger of love” so I can focus on the true purpose of my body while I’m moving it.

This simple switch is so powerful because we’re re-training our minds while those feel-good endorphins hit. So, literally your mind and your body are flowing together. In union. Now, it will probably feel really silly at first and that’s normal. I felt like a tool doing it at first but I kept practicing it (isn’t everything in life a practice?) and soon, I started to really dig it. Now, it’s like second nature and, best of all, my ego thoughts are barely present now. 

Do you mantra while you move?

Stay lovely,

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