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Make Your Cosmetics Last Longer

Posted Oct 05 2012 12:18am
Beauty products and cosmetics are every woman’s valued possession and women are fiercely possessive of their hefty priced tagged cosmetics and perfumes.

Make Your Cosmetics Last LongerCosmetics used to enhance your beauty offer you a chance to get innovative and customize your cosmetics by being creative and experimental and using simple tips like-

If your lipstick palette has hardly anything left, mix the remaining ones according to the shade you desire and you will have a brand new shade of lipstick or blush.

If your nail paint is getting thicker making it hard for you to apply, buy a nail polish thinner and add it your polish, instead of discarding it completely.

You can also try mixing your bronzer with moisturizer, to make a highlight for your face or body shimmer or mix up your remaining eye shadows to make a new color.

To prolong the shelf life of your beauty products, make your refrigerator your new shelf, and make sure your make up is tightly sealed.

Your beauty care products need to be protected from the heat and moisture, bacteria and dirt as this prevents the breaking up of the ingredients and when storing a perfume keep it in a dark and cool place to enjoy the pleasant scent for a longer period.

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