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Make a Spa Facial Treatment at Home

Posted Aug 12 2008 4:21pm
by Danielle Sims

They say that your face is your fortune, but this is not true in the day and age of higher education, still a lot of women require that their faces look exceptional, whether they are at home alone or out working presenting themselves to the public. Knowing your face is at its best you face the world with confidence.

Spa facial treatments relaxes us, help make our face silky and supple and skin appearing brilliant. Cleansing is of the utmost importance. Our face is not covered like the rest of our body, so it can pick up tiny bacteria and dirt from the atmosphere outside and in the workplace. Add to this our natural perspiration and its no wonder our skin sometimes looks muddy. Use a natural facial cleanser to move out the deepest grime that even soap can’t remove. Make sure it is desirable for your skin type.

Use a circular massage movement and a complete exfoliating cream to take away all of your dead skin. If you have an oily T-section - nose, chin and forehead - give that area extra attention. Prepare a facial steam by, fill your sink with warm water, dip your cloth in it, wring it out and keep it against your face for several seconds. Do this 3-5 times.

Put on your selected masque, keeping away from the delicate area near the eyes. Leave on for up to twenty minutes. Wash it off with warm water then apply your favorite moisturizer that incorporates a sunscreen to protect you from the sun.

Facial masks can be made inexpensively at home from ingredients in your kitchen. An apple cucumber mask includes: half a cucumber, one egg white, one drop of lime essential oil, 1/2 a teaspoon each of apple mint leaves, lemon or lime juice - or both. Blend until smooth in your blender and keep in the fridge, but for no longer than 2 days.

Facial masks can be made cheaply at home from assessable products in your kitchen. An apple cucumber mask contains: one half a cucumber, egg white, a drop of lime essential oil,half a teaspoon of both apple mint leaves, lemon or lime juice. Mix ingredients until smooth in a blender and store in the refrigerator no more than 1-2 days.

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