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Make’n a list, check’n it twice.

Posted Jan 01 2010 12:00am

This is the place I’ve decided to document my 2010 New Years Resolutions. I’m sure I will add on to it, if something strikes me as something I would like to try. Thank you for traveling on this journey with me! I’ll be sure to keep things interesting!

Last year was very successful, I completed 19 out of 20 resolutions. All except, I did not get to visit the Botanical Gardens in NY. For example, i wanted to drive more often, drive across state lines, try yoga, kickboxing and boxing, go to Florida, graduate college with a great GPA, get a job, go to NY, go to the beach, make new friend etc.. etc… there was a lot of them. And i’m genuinely happy with myself! Just 2009 was a tough tough year with lots of external pressure, that in turn, became internal pressure. I would trade the world for the ability to not stress out, (who wouldn’t). So, these mini goals are away to keep my mind occupied and try to look at the bigger picture.

1. Sing Karoke (and get over my stupid stage fright!)
2. Take a cooking class
3. Go to a new state!
4. Indoor rock climbing
5. Buy a dining room table (with chairs)
6. Start a retirement fund
7. Start an Australia Fund
8. Order fish at a restaurant
9. Keep a plant alive
10. Try a new physical activity
11. Attempt to learn a new language
12. Start my Virgin Mary sleeve
13. Sell my crap / yard sale
14. Get my first christmas tree
15. Go to the Tim Burton Exhibit at MoMA
16. Volunteer, somewhere.
17. Finally clean all those dirty blinds
18. Visit my Auntie again
19. Finally decide on a topic for my book (or i’ll be happy with a published article)
20. Knit a scarf!
21. Shell out the dough to finally see a favorite band.
22. Go to a comedy show
23. Get into a new book series
24. Be more creative & do more craft projects
25. Make……a dentist appointment! AHHHHHH

26. Play Texas Hold’em at a casino / friendly tournament

27.  Attempt Organic and/or Vegetarian diet

Also, here’s my outfit for NYE! This is also the 3rd time I have ever gone out for New Years. Once when I was 18, and had a ‘friend’ leave me stranded and I had to take a $40 cab ride home. And last year, when my boyfriend fell asleep and I went out with my Dad and his wife to a great resturant (althought INSANELY fun, so very expensive and my Dad paid for all 3 of us! I felt terrible)

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