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Make 2010 a Great Year - Set and Accomplish Your Goals

Posted Jan 12 2010 4:06pm

Here is where the two Oceans meet in Cabo San Lucas.  The Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean meet between the rock formations around the famous Arch.

On a recent trip I captured some great shots.

This is a "window" looking from the Sea of Cortez to the Pacific.

To me this photo looks like the window of possibility...a doorway to your dreams.
It is so hard to believe that another year has passed.  I feel as though 2009 came and went with lightning speed.  I did not accomplish my 2009 goals.  I did not get fit and lose weight like planned.  I did not finish my manuscript.  I did not become more active within the community.  I did not purge my myriad kitchen gadgets.  And the list goes on.

Does this upset me? - Not really.  I did accomplish a lot in 2009, even if these things were not necessarily on my list. That's part of the problem.  I make lists, lots and lots of lists.  It helps me feel organized and in control.  Even if I do not finish all of the tasks on my multiple lists - list making frees my mind to concentrate on the moment.

I couldn't imagine trying to remember all the things I need at the market or that I need to pick up dry cleaning, luggage from the repair shop, my dog's medicines, or that I have a dentist appointment, or that there is a meeting at the club on Wednesday...all these "tasks" get listed and then I don't need to remember everything all the time.

Today, I have started to organize 2009 files and start new 2010 files.  During the process I will hold aside necessary paperwork for taxes.  I feel overwhelmed, yet, I know when I am done that I will be super happy at having completed the task at hand. 

I also just purchased some great Franklin Covey Organizers - Large binders with folders for organizing important home and personal documents.  Franklin Covey does a great job with their organizers.  The ones that I purchased are from a line they call "Buttoned Up".

As the New Year is starting, I am compelled to make lists.  Setting goals for yourself is exciting and gets you energized.  Even if some of them fall by the wayside, there will be a handful that you will accomplish.

I am full of hope and anticipation at what the New Year will bring.  I am energetic and thrilled to embark upon a brand new list of goals.

I am hopeful to spend quality time with family and friends, finally get fit and trim, finish that elusive manuscript, and enjoy all that life has to offer.

I hope to relish in both the large and small, appreciate the special moments, gaze into the beautiful Arizona sunsets, enjoy the crisp breeze when it caresses my shoulders, laugh at the absurdity of the mundane, accept the difference of opinions in others, take everything with a grain of salt, and pretend to like Muscle Class at the gym. 

I wish you all a very wonderful, magical year in 2010!  
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