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Maintenance Tips for Your HP Envy 17 Battery and Adapter

Posted Dec 11 2013 6:42am

The  HP Envy 17 battery  is essential for the functionality of your HP Envy 17 laptop. Optimal functionality may sometimes be hampered by battery failure which may either be caused by manufacturer default or handling defaults. In case of a manufacturer’s default, it is best to return the device to the point of purchase before the termination of the purchase warranty. This will enable the supplies to look into the default and either fix it or replace the battery for you.


Handling defaults occur when the owner of the battery fails to properly care for and maintain the laptop and its accessories. These faults lead to shortening of the battery life and poor functionality. Proper handling of your laptop and its accessories begins immediately you get it from the supplier. Your battery will generally come in a discharged state when you buy it. It will require about four charge-discharge cycles in order to attain maximum battery capacity.


It is important to ensure that you only charge your HP Envy 17 battery with a genuine  HP adapter  for Envy 17. Charging with another adapter may be harmful to your battery in the long run especially if the adapters are not compatible with your laptop. To ensure longevity of your adapter, you should ensure that they are carefully bent during storage or when not in use. Too much bending will result in a short circuit of the wires.


While charging your HP Envy 17 battery, you may at one point in time experience a situation where the battery reads that is fully charged after a very short time such as 30 minutes. While you may sit back feeling impressed at the fast rate of charging, this should be a worrying sign because it is abnormal. A properly functioning battery should charge for at least three hours. You will therefore need to remove the battery and resume the charging process all over again so as to ensure your laptop attains maximum output.


The  HP battery  for Envy 17 should be regularly charged and discharged in order to ensure its longevity. Charging and discharging should be done at least once every two weeks. To discharge the battery, you simply need to run the computer until the battery runs out on its own and requires recharging. This is especially necessary when you are not going to use your battery for some time. In such a scenario, you should remove it from the laptop and store in a cool dry place until when you are ready to use it again.


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