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Madrid is very generous with their portions and night life

Posted Apr 24 2010 3:59pm

Hey luvs,

Glad to see that everyone is still enjoying my Spain re-cap post. I only have a few more left. Going along with that our second day in Madrid was a blast! I found some really great restaurants and eats!

First I did not have any fresh fruit in the hotel so I had to go to the market near by to grab me some breakfast. Darn ;)

But the market did not open till 10am so we had to swing by a local cafe to get Gary some breakfast and wait.

IMG_5730 I got a cafe Americano black. I love my coffee black. How about you? How do you like your coffee? I used to love Starbucks coffee and get the cafe mistos with sugar free vanilla. I was never really a sugar in my coffee kind of girl. I really just like black or a little cream!


Gary on the other hand likes his sugar in his coffee.

IMG_5732 Gary got a egg, cheese and white bread type of sandwich for his breakfast. I told him that is the worst possible food combining ever ;) Hey I was just being honest. I also like to make him feel bad sometimes, haha! Just kidding.

IMG_5733 He enjoyed this sandwich and I that is all the matters. Plus he has a stronger stomach than I do and can handle food like this from time to time.

Than it was finally my turn for my breakfast.

IMG_5736 A glorious fruit smoothie.

IMG_5735 Now this is a breakfast of champions! And a breakfast that my tummy loves!!!!!

IMG_5739 The center point in Madrid where most destinations distance is calculated from.

IMG_5764 Lunch was at a vegetarian restaurant that has been around for 30 years and it was recommended in the VegNews magazine as a must place to dine.

IMG_5762 We got there a little early than most people here in Madrid eat lunch so again we were the first ones there. But as we were finishing up our lunch it was busy!


The waitress was very nice though did not speak English therefore Gary and I did our best to speak Spanish. She said we did very well :) The menu was a pre-set menu for a set price. The menu included a soup (they had two options to choose from), than a salad (only one option), than your main course (they had 2 options), and than dessert and tea or coffee. Not bad eh?

IMG_5744 The vegetarian restaurant even had a little store in the front.

IMG_5745 Gary got the tomato gazpacho soup. He said it was very good.

IMG_5746 I got the other soup option which was a simple vegetable soup. Delicious!

IMG_5747 They also served some bread which Gary enjoyed.

IMG_5748 They also gave us toasted almonds. I got to enjoy! Toasted almonds were a nice treat since I usually eat them raw.

IMG_5749 Second course was the salad. Not sure what they dressing was but it was delicious.

IMG_5752 My main course was a sweet potato with a lemon sauce, rice pilaf, and vegetables mixed with seitan.

IMG_5755 Gary got the other main dish option of tofu, green beans, carrots, and another seitan vegetable mash. We both enjoyed our lunch though I ended up eating most of Gary’s plate and he ate most of mine. It was pretty funny, I guess we should have switched orders ;) It was a very good and very filling.

IMG_5756 For dessert there was not much I could eat so I got their kefir. I know it was not vegan but it was all I could really eat and I know how good kefir is for you therefore I was happy with my decision.

IMG_5758 Gary a fruit tart though it totally was not what we were expecting it to be. It was different but Gary said it was alright. He ended up putting some of my kefir over it and liked it better that way.

IMG_5760 And got some green tea. Now that is a lunch!

We walked around Madrid some more to walk off lunch ;)

IMG_5770 Love how all these European cities have these large plaza’s full of little restaurants and cafes. Every time we would walk by one they would be packed with people. It felt like people here in Madrid ate and drank a lot ;)

IMG_5778 Gary the official tour guide with his umbrella.

IMG_5791 We had to stop by the Ritz!!!


We stopped by one of the main plaza’s in Madrid called Plaza Mayor to join everyone else on the lovely sunny day to grab some drinks.

IMG_5799 It was so nice to see the sun again.

IMG_5804 I got white wine and Gary got a beer.

IMG_5806 After enjoying our mid afternoon drink and soaked up some sun we headed back to the hotel to rest.

IMG_5807 I snacked on some pure2raw cheez crackers as I blogged.  Love these raw crackers, Gary ate some too and enjoyed them.

I also researched on the internet while Gary took a siesta some vegetarian restaurants in Madrid and came across one that I wanted to try.

IMG_5829 It was pouring rain when we left for dinner. We were soaked by the time we got the restaurant at 8:30pm and again we were the first ones there. Though another American family came in a few minutes after us :) Looks like we were not the only early birds.

IMG_5815 The restaurant was so cozy and the staff were extremely nice.

IMG_5817 Time to take a look over the menu.


They had a great menu with a lot of different options which everything sounded so good to me.

IMG_5810 We got a bottle of wine as we continued to read over the menu and discuss what we wanted for dinner.

IMG_5820 We decided to split a salad for our appetizer.  This salad was huge and delicious. It was filled with lettuce, carrots, radishes, olives, tomatoes, fresh mint and oranges.  Excellent!!! Now this is what I call a salad!

IMG_5823 I got the vegetable paella, I have been craving this dish a lot lately! Again the portion was huge!

IMG_5825 I could not eat it all and had to take a to-go box. Though it was fabulous! Very generous on their peppers.

IMG_5827 Gary got their stuffed peppers (he loves stuffed peppers)! He said it was really good though the pepper was fried, but besides that he gave it 2 thumbs up!

IMG_5828 Now that is a huge stuffed pepper.

I highly recommend this vegetarian restaurant if you are ever in Madrid because the food was amazing and the staff was great. And to top it all off the food portions were very generous!!!

After dinner we both wanted to see a little night life of Madrid therefore as we were walking around we stopped by the market and noticed it was the place to be. This place was packed!!We joined in on the action and got ourselves a glass of wine.

IMG_5833 Love me some good red wine!

Are you a white wine person or a red wine person? Or no wine at all?

IMG_5834 We hanged out in the market a little bit longer and decided to leave to see if we could find any other bars to go to. Unfortunately we did not find any other bars that looked interesting plus we both are old and got tired and headed back to the hotel. What party animals we are!?!?! I know Madrid is known for its night life though I just do not party like I used too ;)

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

Till next time,


The Twins


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