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Made Myself a Liar

Posted Feb 22 2011 7:47pm

Hi strangers! :oops:

So I’ve sat down so many times to write a post, then get distracted, or am not sure what to write, or.. something. But I miss you all!

So I totally made a liar of myself! A couple posts back I mentioned that when I “disappear” it often means things aren’t so great.. but it’s so the exact opposite this time around! Things have been completely fantastic! So fantastic that I’ve just been living & loving life :razz: and not taking the time to snap 100 pictures or document it daily. Well that, and my days are pretty repetitive, but filled with things I love.. I’m so lucky!

So what’s been going on…

Well, I found my “ yoga home ” here in Austin and completely re-fell in love! So in love in fact that I actually get up at 5am, 4 times a week to make it to 6am class. And on the weekend’s I often get to see the beautiful Mrs. Cotter ..

I haven’t lifted in a while.. I kind of miss it but as much as I like lifting and competing, I love how Yoga makes every aspect of my life better and makes me a better person (sounds overly dramatic, but it’s true.. more later!). But on top of Yoga 6 days a week, I still try to get in 5 cardio sessions with 3 being HIIT.. lord knows my body type needs it (haha, thanks genetics :cool:).

I’m in the best shape I’ve been in since last August (right before I decided not to do another fitness competition).. hi abs.. I’ve missed you .. and I apologize wallet, the new Lulu outfit I bought yesterday was absolute necessary..

I’m going on a Yoga retreat in Costa Rica in May with people from my AZ studio ..

I’m going to SF in March to visit one of my very best friends.. Ok.. have to brag about her.. she was on the Bachelor and just left recently :-)

My mom’s visiting soon!

I’m finally exploring Austin..

I love my job. I get to build online communities and strategize how to make them as beneficial as possible for the client & user. A lot of what I do, I would do for fun anyway. So lucky! I’m officially a raging social media marketing dork..

Since I spend a lot of my working day in front of the computer, I often try to unplug at night.. but I’m still being a bit of blog lurker and am SO EXCITED for my favorite Fit Foodie who is rocking prep and going to rock the stage!

Excited that it’s almost SXSW time in Austin..

It snowed in Austin.. though Boomer hardly noticed..

I haven’t eaten meat in almost 4 weeks.. No, not going vegetarian. I just realized one day that I hadn’t had meat in a week, then decided to see how long I could go.. considering I’ve been graving Texas BBQ Ribs like crazy the last few days.. it might not be much longer ;-)

But may need an intervention when it comes to these .. and I’ve still had a Green Vega Sport Protein Smoothie everyday since last November..

I also haven’t had dairy (gah.. except for Arctic Zero.. so addicted) in almost that long.. but thanks to Vegan “Yogurt” I’m ay-okay..

Based on Katie’s recipe, I use 1 tbsp Agar flakes per 1 cup Unsweetened Almond Milk. Bring to a slow boil, whisking frequently, Reduce heat and continue to let it boil for a few minutes, making sure flakes are disolved. Remove from heat for a few minutes. Pour into a not-likely-to-melt container and refrigerate until solid. Place in a food processor, add 1 tsp Vanilla Extract per cup of Milk and Stevia to taste. Blend! It’s also amazing to mix in Unsweetened Cocoa Powder or my personal favorite, Peanut Flour..

I’m as happy & content (in ‘there’s always another goal in sight’ sorta way) as I’ve ever been..

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