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Posted Nov 05 2012 11:11am
Monday morning is my third favorite moment of the week (right after Friday night and Sunday afternoon). I can't wait to see what this brand new week has in store...

Awesome church service yesterday. I've found my new "home!"  HTC Chicago  is a great place. Looking for a community in this great big city? Let me know. I'll save a seat for ya:)

Red cups at Starbs. Yeahyeahyeah, Thanksgiving hasn't happened and it's a sin to be excited about Christmas. I love Thanksgiving, but I don't see a problem with celebrating the two holidays at once. Twice the fun, in my opinion!

Kay - don't pay attention to how dirty my computer has gotten. I haven't cleaned it again since I was at your house in August...
Violin practice... Yada yada yada what else is new...

Electricity works in Chicago. How grateful I am for simple things like heat and the ability to charge my phone! I'm still keeping all of the Sandy victims in my prayers.

source:  pinterest

Leggings and dresses. This is my favorite thing to wear in the fall and winter! Paired with a cozy pair of boots, it's comfy and oh-so-cute for the chilly weather!

Only 3 weeks...

Until Thanksgiving!!! Is it too early to start counting down? I just bought my plane ticket so that I can spend my favorite holiday with my entire family in Dallas. Can't. Even. Wait. 

Sleep. Did you enjoy your extra hour over the weekend? I have to remind myself that I can't stay up late on Saturday night and sleep in on Sunday morning. I only get one hour and I can't spend it twice! I chose to stay up a bit later on Saturday night, so I didn't get an extra hour of sleep, but I got an extra hour of AWAKE! Just as great:)

check out Katie's adorable blog @ for more MIMM posts!


How did you spend your daylight savings hour? Extra sleep, or extra awake time?Do you have a favorite holiday? Thanksgiving is my winner!

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