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Luxury goods prices all went up, LV will rise 15%

Posted Feb 22 2013 3:13pm

Source: Ocean Net - Guangzhou daily

Intro: the expert indicate, consumer demand is very strong, luxury brands control their production, on the other hand, they raise prices, to maintain or expand their own market space and profit space, while the atrophy of Europe and the United States market and Chinese market has strong momentum give the momentum of luxury goods rising in price.

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Luxury goods prices all went up,  LV will rise 15%

The Asia-Pacific region with a growth rate of 33%

?Burberry profit warned that for the whole industry to worry about is the luxury industry growth will be more slow last year, but the 2012 fiscal year yesterday afternoon PRADA in HKEx announced preliminary sales figures for the luxury goods industry has injected a shot in the arm. Financial newspaper shows, group net income by January 31, 2013 financial year amounted to 3.297 billion  euros (about $27.5 billion ), compared with 2011 rise for 29%, according to a fixed exchange rate, the group 's sales growth is 23%. Earlier Louis Weedon [ micro-blog ] providers of luxury goods group released the last performance is also quite good, last year the group profit rose 10%, sales rose 19%, sold more than 4.4 billion euros ( equivalent to 37.428 billion yuan ). Although the performance of excellent, but " rising voice" sounds again, yesterday's news say that LV will again raise prices.

According to the PRADA reported, accounting for 82% of the total group sales, retail sales of 2664000000 euros, compared with fiscal year 2011 increased by 36%, according to a fixed exchange rate increase by 29%. The report points out, business growth mainly by the PRADA and the MIU MIU brand business respectively compared with the last fiscal year growth of 33% and 16% drive.

The Asia-Pacific region as the main sales area PRADA outside Europe, sales profit growth rate reached 33%, while Europe except Italy area sales growth for the 36%. Results also pointed out, PRADA in the 2012 fiscal year to open 78 new stores, at the end of the straight camp shop a total of 461 at the end of 2013 1.

The price to reduce the LV shop maintenance

However, luxury brands seem not satisfied with the current increase sales and net profit increase, once again playing the " price " of the idea. Yesterday, there is news that the LVMH insider changes and brand effect seriously affected reasons in many aspects, LVMH recently decided to reduce the store, raise prices. According to informed sources, LV series bag will rise stage a comeback a range of 4%~15% in this year, the domestic speedy30 prices will directly from 6100 yuan rose to 6500 yuan. Last October, LV in France price increases of 8% to 10% differ, it is reported, at that time, the domestic price does not increase.

There are comments that, LVMH will increase to reduce the LV shop maintenance of image, " this is mainly due to decline in sales of Louis Vuitton successive quarter forced the company to adopt the strategy of. " Consumers have told reporters, they do not care about luxury brand of a series of personnel changes, but they are extremely sensitive to the price.

Strong market demand for luxury goods in China

Brand price for explanation is, raw materials, labor, taxation, inflation and other factors lead to rising costs, the terminal sales of products to raise prices, but the industry said that the real reason is the price strategy, " Chinese luxury market demand is very strong, the luxury goods brand still keep prices, is conscious of price strategy ". Experts said, in the consumer demand is very strong, the strategy leads to luxury brands for control of production, on the other hand, raise prices, to maintain or expand their own market space and profit space, while Europe and the United States market atrophy and Chinese market strong momentum for luxury prices momentum.

Since this year, SK-II, Chanel [ micro-blog ], Dior brand has been brewing price. The message shows, Ferragamo is expected to raise the European retail prices, an increase of " low single digits ". Industry analysts said the price surge, or will continue. look at those fashion  cosplay dresses  ,  celebrity red carpet dresses   for your special needs. linyan-0222.

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