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Lunch at Sandwhich in Chapel Hill!

Posted Mar 04 2011 2:43pm

Hello, friends!

Guess what? I’m officially on spring break!!!!


And it feels SO good.

I had my biochem exam this morning at 11 (it was ROUGH… bleh), so I asked if Matt wanted to come meet me for lunch afterward to celebrate :) At the recommendation of my friend Lauren we decided to hit up Sandwhich in Chapel Hill!


I was seriously stressed out and cranky after a week of biochem studying, and a lunch outing was just what I needed. Even better – when we arrived we discovered they were doing free wine tastings!


I actually loved their Chardonnay! So much that I got a full glass of it, pictured above. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right? :)

Then – it was time to figure out what to order! Sandwhich is basically a deluxe sandwhich place and they had a ton of unique options.


After much debate, I ended up ordering the “Lex’s Favorite,” which was fried local eggs, bacon, lettuce and tomatoes on grilled whole wheat bread.


SO GOOD! Although I think they forgot the bacon?! There was only a tiny bit in with the egg. I was too hungry to care. :)

On the side, I had the roasted beet salad.


And they also had a little garnish of this fun Moroccan Carrot Salad, which was DELICIOUS! Basically carrots cooked with some cumin, chili powder, oil, garlic, etc. Yum.


Matt got the “GMC,” which was chicken breast, grilled onions, roasted peppers, basil-almond pesto, and provolone on a handmade hoagie.


We ended up swapping half of each of our sandwiches :) Yum!

It was super nice outside and we had a great time sitting in the sunshine and drinking wine. What a perfect start to my break! Matt was in Detroit all week for work so he was really happy to be back in warm weather again, too.


Matt and I will be spending the weekend here in Chapel Hill and then on Monday we leave for PUERTO RICO!!!!!! He has a bajillion hotel and airline points from all of his work travel, so the trip is actually only costing us a couple hundred dollars! We’ll be there until Saturday and I am so excited for some relaxation and beach time. If any of you have been to Puerto Rico (we’ll be in San Jose) before, please let me know if you have any recommendations :)

Stay tuned for a recap of my 11 mile training run tomorrow with the girls! I’m going to experiment with some fueling sources based on all of your recommendations .

Have a great Friday!

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