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Lower Cholesterol Naturally with Foods

Posted May 21 2009 11:23pm

Thoughts and views from the medical establishment change constantly. Keeping yourself abreast of these changes is fundamental in establishing and maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle. We learn more and more everyday about the constituents of food and the synergy of food combining.

The most perfect food found in nature, the egg, was once demonized by the medical establishment. Now, we know that dietary cholesterol has little impact on blood serum cholesterol and the egg is once again considered a perfect food source. This is partly due to the nutrient completeness of the egg. Everything needed to "grow a life" is found within its shell. It is a perfect food.

But I stray from the course, I want to share with you some foods that are proven to lower your cholesterol naturally.

Here is the short, but most effective, list:
  • Oatmeal (Steel-Cut, Irish or Scottish)
  • Legumes (Beans, Peas, and Lentils)
  • Salmon (Wild)
One can very effectively lower their cholesterol by eating the above mentioned foods regularly.

In my own understanding, I think of beans and oatmeal as acting like little "roto-rooters" (drano) in your pipes (blood vessels).  The "roto-rooters" (beans and oatmeal) get in there to do their job by sloughing off all the bad stuff that has built up on the sides of the pipes.

But really -  the soluble and in-soluble fiber, found in oatmeal and beans, does just that, it clears away the plaque that has built up in the arteries over time. ( Atherosclerosis )

As far as Healthy Omega-3 Fatty Acids found in Salmon...healthy, beneficial oils offset the unhealthy ones by raising your HDL cholesterol while, at the same time, lowering your LDL cholesterol.

Remember the difference easily:
HDL = "High" (Supposed to be high - "good")
LDL = "Low" (Supposed to be low - "bad")     

Check out this article from Mayo

Check out this article by Barbara Minton, Natural Health Editor for Natural

Here is an in-depth profile for Oats from one of my favorite sites, (World's Healthiest Foods)
Nutritional Information for Oats

**From my own first-hand knowledge - my Father effectively lowered his cholesterol in two months by eating beans everyday.

Knowledge is power. When it comes to your health, gather all the knowledge you can before making informed, physician aided choices.

Most Cardio Specialists today are more informed about natural alternatives than the doctors of yesterday. We are, after all, learning more and more all the time about the fascinating synergy of food and our bodies' amazing ability to heal itself given the proper diet and lifestyle.

If you're concerned about your cholesterol numbers talk with your doctor today about implementing healthy food choices and learn how you can help improve your cholesterol profile.
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