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Low Calorie Alcoholic Beverage: Fruity Raspberry Passion Drink

Posted Mar 29 2011 12:00am
Lately, I've been bored of the usual healthy dinner recipes I make for myself and my boyfriend.  I was also reeeeallly jonesing  for something fatty and delicious, like a quesadilla.  Instead of sabotaging my healthy eating habits, I decided to modify the traditional quesadilla by making it healthier...which meant swapping the high calorie wraps for whole wheat wraps packed with fiber, and also using non-fat cheese and non-fat sour cheese instead of the fattier types.  Lastly, it never hurts to add as many vegetables as you can to get tons of vitamins and nutrients from your meal.

First order of business is to find the freshest and most colorful veggies you can find.  The fresher, the better in terms of vitamins and taste!

When I cook, I like to have things neat and organized.  So, first I organize all of my ingredients to make the perfect (and OCD dream) prep station.

Then, it's time to start cooking!  I sauteed some garlic, diced onion, and chopped up mushrooms in a skillet with oil until the onions were clear and mushrooms were browned.  

Next, I added some fresh spinach that I previously chopped up, along with some cooked chicken.  I sprinkled on some cumin, oregano, ground pepper and chili powder for some kick.  Lastly I added some chicken broth for added flavor instead of adding salt.  I love spices...the right combination can really change your dish for the better (as I've learned from years of watching Top Chef marathons on TV)!

Once the spinach wilted, I threw the chicken and veggie mixture onto a whole wheat wrap that had been sprinkled with low fat cheese. 

I then added more cheese on top, covered it with another wrap, and sauteed both sides until the wraps were crispy.  
Add a dollop of sour cream and a dollop of salsa (I like mine HOT).

Voila!  The delicious dinner I was craving all day with way fewer calories and a lot more vitamins and nutrients.  It was definitely one of the most delicious things I have ever created, and I don't think I will ever go back to making fatty beef quesadillas again!  

Nom Nom Nom!
Also, if you're craving one of these on Meatless Monday, just skip the chicken and add extra mushrooms or your other favorite veggie.
Bon Apetit!
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