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Loving Labor Day Weekend

Posted Sep 07 2010 12:00am

I hope everyone had a wonderful labor day weekend especially with the idealistic weather we had ALL weekend.

Beach Pool Weather for Sure :)

I wish I was at the beach but Angel and I will accept the pool as second best!


Sunday afternoon after enjoying the pool for a little Bryan headed over to the house to help me watch tame the wild beasts Charlie and Angel.


We ran a few errands then  got a little adventurous and explored back roads I have not been on in a long time in the Williamsburg area looking for apple picking haha.

Afterward we came home to enjoy a nice afternoon on the deck with a bottle of  white wine.



Great wine for easy drinking by the way courtesy of Trader Joe’s


My parents were out of town for their 26th wedding anniversary so I considered cooking at home but….

Bonefish was calling our names and we had been talking about actually sitting down and eating a meal at bonefish as opposed to just ordering food after work.

The evening was impeccable. The food phenomenal. The company even better!

Bryan and I woke up the next morning and started Labor Day off right with one of my new favorite breakfast creations adapted from numerous blogs.

Sunday night Bryan made the comment we should have pancakes Monday morning and I agreed ( preface this with the fact I have made him oatmeal pancakes before after a long run) then he said….

THE ONE’S MADE WITH OATMEAL. I about fell on the floor but happily complied.

Ingredients thrown together in a blender ( 2 servings) :

blend it all in the blender until similar to pancake batter. Butter your pan and cook like pancakes :)


Horrible flipping and pancake pouring skills in action


After our delicious pancakes we headed to the field so Bryan and I could kick the football around.

Bryan was the kicker on his football team  all through high school and was going to go to college for it before he had an accident that prevented him from playing. He also has played soccer forever and  currently still plays in a local league with his buddies. br sk

Let me tell you he can still kick a football pretty darn far…. My football kicking skills are pretty much just as good as his, we had to stop after about an hour or  so because he didn’t want me to embarrass him any longer.

We then went on a little run before coming back home and jumping in the pool. Followed by eating lunch outside at my favorite burrito place in the world, CALIFORNIA TORTILLA ,  minus Tijuana Flat’s that I don’t count because I don’t get to eat at often due it’s distance from my house.


Small Mesquite Chicken Burrito with black beans, rice, light cheese and sour cream, lettuce and salsa on the side ( Bryan hates onions and we split it along with two blackened chicken tacos)

We continued to stay active by washing my poor car which has not been cleaned in WAY WAY TO LONG. We cleaned inside and outside, now it just needs an air freshener.


Doesn’t it look pretty :) Kinda

I finished off the night with Virginia Tech football game and  a bowl of this….


Which ended up making me look like this….. in the a.m. even with the TWO lactaid pills I took.


I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the week!

Do you have anything exciting going on this week?

Is there a breakfast your in love with right now?

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