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Lovin’ Lately

Posted Feb 27 2013 9:32pm

Getting over a wicked sinus infection can suddenly lead you to have a super sunny disposition.  “I’m not hacking up my lungs anymore?  LIFE IS GRAAAAAND” and such.  I figured now is a good time as any to talk about things I am loving lately.

Numero uno:  my omelet maker

I had a $20 credit for some unknown reason to Beyond the Rack.  Being completely swayed by offers of money to spend money, I popped over to cash it in.  I bought this omelet maker by Holstein Housewares.  I always royally screw up omelets so I figured a kitschy device to make cute breakfast egg dishes was worth the 20 bucks.  I actually only paid shipping, go me.  And, shockingly, it works really well!  It’s insanely easy, and the eggs come out perfect.


I mean look at them?  Aren’t they so cute you cannot take it?

Numero dos:  tasty beverages

This weekend consisted of a quiet night in, my awesome breakfast pictured above, a birthday party, and brunch on Sunday.  I branched out a little in my beverage choices and didn’t JUST have beer!  Although I did start the weekend with it.


Aki enjoyed sniffing the hops, but she didn’t seem particularly interested in drinking any.  Oh well, more for yours truly.  That lovely bandaid is covering a first-time cut for me.  I sliced my thumb slightly chopping peppers for the omelets.  Cooking in the maker is easy, prepping maybe not so much?  As clumsy as I am, I cannot believe it took me 29 years to experience this injury.  It wasn’t bad at all, but man, ouch.  Hope it’s another 29 years before it happens again.

At the birthday party I went wild with a hibiscus margarita.  I’m not a huge tequila (or any liquor really) person, but the Baha Room on 15th and South makes bangin’ drinks and food.  I couldn’t resist and was happily pleased with my drink choice.  Seriously, go eat there, it’s fantastic and looks like a Mexican thrift shop threw up all over the place.


Sorry, it’s a shitty pic.  And then Sunday I had mimosas.  Because that’s what you do at brunch.


Now, champagne in a cutesy can?  Adorbs.  A mini carafe of OJ, even more.  Having a single one cost twelve fucking dollars?  No thanks.  I’ll stick to BYO places or bottomless offers from now on.

Numero tres:  easy stylin’

If you were not aware, right now is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week.  In support of spreading knowledge about EDs, ladies are encouraged to go without makeup for the week.  Now, I don’t really ever wear makeup on workdays, and most weekends, too.  So a movement where I can remove even more of the “am I total mess of a human?” thoughts is something I am all for.  In all seriousness, EDs are a sad and insanely common thing and the more we can do to eradicate people from depending on them to fit some impossible status of beauty, the better we all will be.  So here’s the pic I posted.


Bushy brows, unkempt hair, nothing on zee face.  I posted it on instagram sans filters, too.  It’s gotten more likes than anything else I’ve posted (maybe), so thanks to all those kind peeps for makin’ me feel pretty.  Winking smile

Speaking of hair, I finally mastered the sock bun.  I’m probably late to the party and this fad is on the way out, but for someone who piles their messy hair on their head daily, having a simpler and less messy way of doing it is fricken awesome.  I didn’t buy whatever hair thing they sell to help you.  I just cut the foot off an old soccer sock that lost its mate and ta da, hair donut.


Ignore the disaster that is my desk.  I’m working on clearing it off, don’t worry.  Smile

So that’s all I got for now.  I was supposed to start week 1 of my Broad Street Run training, but the sinus fun has derailed that.  I modified my plan to a 9-weeker thanks to Runners’ World Smart Coach and will kick it off on Monday!  I’m kind of stoked to get back into running shape!

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