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*Love Your Body Challenge Results*

Posted May 16 2010 7:42pm

The results are in! Many of you participated in Fit @ Heart’s Love Your Body Challenge, which encouraged everyone to find one thing that they truly love about their body. Once something was picked, each person was to give a reason why they love this particular part of their body and had to the choice to submit a photo as well. This whole subject of loving your body came up upon viewing a clip of Victoria Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio giving her reason on why she loves her body. Her answer? Because it gave birth to her daughter. Her favorite body part? Was it her amazing legs, her flowing hair, or her perfectly toned stomach? Nope, she chose her hands. Why her hands? Because she can play the piano for her daughter. It is very reassuring to see a beautiful model pick something endearing to love about her body. While living in a world of constant stereotypes and certain expectations to meet, we women often pick out our flaws before we see the beauty that we all truly behold. Below is a list of all the readers that participated in the Love Your Body Challenge. It is beautiful to see these women celebrate their bodies and truly love something physical about themselves. These women did not pick something to love about their bodies based on someone else’s opinion, but rather their own. Check out all of the readers below and see what they love about their body.

1. Sophia from says:

“I love my hands. They’re very angular, misshaped, and skinny, but expressive. And it performs so many amazing tasks!”

2. Lisa from says:

“I love my lips because they are naturally full and beautiful. Plus without my mouth and lips, I wouldn’t be able to smile or eat–two things I love to do.”

3. Lindsey from says:

“I love my nails because they grow so long and are very white…I love my teeth because they are beautiful and white and I love to smile!”

4. Courtney from says:

“I love my freckles! I used to resent them, envying instead the smooth,
tanned skin of what seemed like EVERYONE around me instead of my pale,
spotty skin… and I am even middle eastern! What happened?! But now
instead of viewing them as a flaw, I love that they make me different.”

5. Kait from says:

“I love my hair, because its the most interesting reddish/brown color that is constantly changing!”

6. Dana from says:

“I love my lips! I use to get made fun of in grade school because they were so big but now they are the favorite part of my body.”

7. Denise says:

“I love my waist and my neck.”

8. Katie from says:

“Recently, my shoulders have become my favorite body part! They are becoming more defined and toned, and they make my arms look strong!”

9. Christina from says:

“I love my eyes!”:)

10. Shannon from says:

“I love my green eyes! I’m the only one in my family with them which is kind of neat.”

11. April from says:

“I love my smile.  It’s contagious i’ve been told.”  :)

12. Erica from says:

“My favorite part of my body is my legs, well maybe my calves down ha!”

13. Catherine from says:

“I love my legs because they enable me to do the things that I love, run, bike, swim, hike, etc.”

(she’s in the red dress)

14. Jennifer from says:

“I love my eyes because God gave them to me so that I could see all of the beauty that he has created such as nature, my family, and my husband.”

15. Danielle from says:

“I love my legs because they are strong and withstand all the pressure I put on them.”

Sometimes we never realize how much we are blessed until we take the time to notice. Instead of taking a challenge in order to examine ourselves to point out our beauty, let us daily take the time to admire what God has given us. Rather than focusing on the flaws that we see in the mirror, let us focus on our individuality and the time and effort that God put into creating each and every one of us. Who knows, a so called flaw to you may be beauty to someone else.

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