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Love your body (and the deliciousness of fiber!)

Posted Sep 22 2008 11:05am

I've talked before about different reality TV shows and specifically the showHow To Look Good Naked. Last night was one of the rare occasions that I turned the TV on, and that show happened to be on. The woman in this episode was explaining her body image at the beginning of the show and she said that she hates her body so much that she wears tights year round and her husband hasn't seen her naked in5 years. She said that even when they have sex (which, she says, is not very often), she wears special tights so that her husband can't see her body.

This saddened me beyond belief. That is some intense body hatred! Can you imagine not letting your husband see you in your underwear? It's your husband, for goodness sake!

It reminded me of something I overheard recently. Two guys were discussing what their favourite parts about a woman are physically, and you know what they liked the best? The musculature- that is, seeing the muscle in a womans leg and such- and the curve of her stomach. That's right. If you ask any woman what she likes least about her body, chances are that her tummy is going to be right up at the top there. Perspective is really an amazing thing.

While this show was on I saw a commercial for Fiber One cereal, in which the people in the commercial are talking about how fiber "doesn't taste good" (the point being that they've found fiber that does taste good, in the form of this apparently heavenly cereal). That's like saying "all fat is delicious!" or "man, I really hate vitamin C. I mean, the taste of that stuff? Yuck."

Is it just me or are commercials getting more and more ridiculous every day? They don't even make sense!

Moral of todays story: love your body. All of it. And eat up your fiber!
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