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Love Thyself Weekend.

Posted Mar 20 2010 12:00am
                        The best use of life is love.
                         The best expression of love is time.
                         The best time to love is now.

And while we are busy loving in many ways,let us not forget to nurture our bodies that are the primal source.Not by way of narcissistic preening in the mirror but by way of doing a good turn for a friend who stands by you through thick and thin-literally :)))-Want to share this beautiful              

We take the time to put oil in our cars, wipe the food grease off our dishwashers, upgrade our computers. Why is it so hard for us to “find time” to take care of the most important machine of all, a machine which works better the more you use it, a machine which is self-maintaining and self-repairing? Perhaps one reason is that we have lost the sense of wonder abour our bodies which they deserve. We define good bodies by how they look, not what they do. But think about it-what if you defined your body in terms of its ability and potential? What if you stopped bitching and moaning about how you lost the genetic lottery because you don’t have rippling abs naturally, and started thinking about how you won the genetic lottery by virtue of being alive and able to read this? You know how many mistakes can be made when you’re trying to organize a bunch of things or people all at once. Imagine trying to organize millions, billions of things just right, every time, in order to create a human from bits of inert proteins. Those proteins all had to tango together in order to make you.
If you’re fighting your body, stop. If you’re treating it right, keep doing so. Bring the old girl some flowers every now and again, tell her you love her. Now go and hit the gym. She’ll thank you with stronger bones, better posture and balance, a zippier metabolism, and a host of other things.Enjoy your Gift!
-Krista Scott-Dixon

1.Locate your core by learning Dumbell Pullovers.

    This move may get newbies who are not sure if weights are good for them totally converted.It will help you to become conscious of that much bandied about and elusive thing called the 'core'.It is an uncomplicated move and you can start with one dumbell or a medicine ball or a heavy book,a bottle,grinding -stone.... any heavy holdable thing of whatever weight you are comfortable with.
You lie on your back on a bench (as in picture) or even on the floor with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Hold one dumbbell/ball/bottle in both hands, with your arms extended straight above your chest, palms facing inward.

Keeping your abs tight and your arms straight, slowly lift the dumbbell and bring the weight back up towards your navel..
You will feel your deep seated ab muscles stretch and tighten.
You can further ramp it up by bringing alternate knees up towards the navel and touching it with the weight.
This move made me so happy when my core was lost under a post baby pooch.I hope you will also love it.

2.Add a Super Spice to your life.

I am the last person to recommend miracle cures and magic pills.But nature has power-packed certain foods with so much, that to not partake of their benefits would be churlish if not foolish.Cinnamon is one such favourite which wins hands down in both flavour and nutrition.A teaspoon always goes into my morning fruit smoothie.
A mere teaspoon of contains 28 mg of calcium, almost one mg of iron, over a gram of fiber, and a lot of vitamins C, K, and manganese. Studies have shown that just half a teaspoon of cinnamon per day can lower LDL well as stabilize blood sugar levels.It also has an anti-clotting effect on the blood.Not just this,cinnamon has anti-microbial properties!The smell of cinnamon,besides being heavenly,boosts brain function.By adding it to your smoothies,yoghurt,porridge,pulao,curries,tea,cakes,toast you can reap delicious health benefits.
Grind a week's supply of cinnamon in the mixie and put it in a handy place.

3.Try out one nourishing habit for the weekend.
What is one icky thing you know you should be steering clear of but can not?Losing temper? Nagging?Comparing yourself?Too much sugar?Not taking time to unwind?
Try giving it up for 48 hours and see how it makes you feel.All transformations(physical,mental,emotional)begin with a babystep.
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