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Love This Sunday Survey

Posted Feb 17 2013 11:53am

Top of the mornin to yee!

It’s snowing here again… sigh. I must remember though, this is New England and that whole winter thing does in fact occur each year, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be complaining about it along the way ;) Anyway, I have to head to work later which is a bit far away and me driving in the snow=terrifying. Not a fan in the slightest and this is likely due to a car accident I got into a few years back when driving on the highway in a snow storm… I will say that incident taught me to be VERY cautious in such weather!

While I probably should be doing studying, homework, something more productive then blogging at this time, I am making the executive decision to futz around first and have some fun. Well fun in the form of publishing a post that is a silly survey and YEP one you have seen far too many times at this point ;) I bet you can guess, the LOVE survey!

I don’t fill these out too often but they are a nice way to shake things up and tell the world information about yourself that is likely not too interesting heh. Without further ado, here are some things I claim to LOVE.

1) Valentine’s Day Candy I Love

In my mind Valentine’s Day is synonymous with chocolate and while I do truly enjoy that sweet stuff, sugary, gummy, and hard candy is my jam. I have talked about my “relationship” with this sort of candy in the past, basically I can’t keep it in my house/near me , because I tend to eat it ALL in one sitting. And then of course proceed to feel gross about myself in more ways than one. However, I am always making the effort to not cut ANYTHING or have restrictions of any sort on myself with food, so yes, there is some candy in my house now and I haven’t gone hog-wild on it. To finally answer the dang question, I would say regular heart lollipops, and SWEET TART conversation hearts are what I love.

AAAAAoSSbBAAAAAAANoDEg 4d3b8bca33b32_131020n

That cherry flavor, man you can’t beat it :) Though I am sure some of you would agree it tastes like medicine, delicious medicine!

2) Current Workout Jam I Love

I have a super lame answer for this. I am soooo not into music right now and instead of have been choosing to listen to audiobooks whenever I get the chance! The audiobook thing is nothing new of course, but my love for them has intensified recently. I can’t imagine driving in the car without one playing at this point, and getting absorbed into the story and the (hopefully) fantastic narration, is something that is incredibly enjoyable. And since I am an avid reader but have zerooo time to sit down and read an actual book, listening to them helps fulfill that missing void.

Currently listening to Fall of Giants by Ken Follet, an author I absolutely adore. I have yet to come across a book of his I have not been sucked into and unable to put down.


3) Article Of Clothing I Love

This answer comes to mind immediately… Scarves, scarves, scarves forever! First of all they look good with pretty much any outfit and also help to turn a boring, lazy looking outfit (ermm looking at me here in my usual yoga pants/sweatshirt/ugg attire) but scarves do not have sizes :) I am not crazy concerned with clothing sizes at the moment but still, it can be an uncomfortable aspect of gaining weight/losing, food, blaaady-blah, and scarves have NATHIN to do with that junk. I have too many (seriously), one in every color plus a few shades of blue is over doing it.



4) Something Red I Love

The first four things that come to mind, strawberries, tomatoes, KETCHUP and… something not food-related Roses, because this does have to do with V-Day after all :)


Ketchup… I really have always loved it but for a while there, I used it as a low-cal way to add “sauce/dressing” to salads, egg whites, that sort of thing… and NOTHING else, so of course no added fat. Now though, I do use the condiment for the same thing but always pair with some fat source- olive oil, nuts, another kind of fuller fat dressing, much tastier and better for yeeee.

5) Month I Love

June… the end of the school year (well back before college), the weather is getting warmer and warmer, everything is in bloom, tasty, juicy, fresh fruit is available…. the prospect of the summer season has finally arrived. Happiness and bliss is equated with June in New England for me!


6) Piece of Advice I Love

There are sooo so many I love out there, but this recent Lion King-related on is a current love… plus the Lion King holds a most special place in my heart.


7) New (or old!) Blog I Love:

Oh She Glows was one of the first blogs I ever read that gave me a clue into the hellacious, crazy world I had created for myself via eating disorder and how it is in fact possible to get the heck out of my own way.

8) Current Reading Material I Love

When I do have some time, The Passage is what I am still reading, the book I talked about a few posts ago. It is rather amazing but the only problem is the time I read it is in my bed before falling asleep… I last about

9) A Memory I Love

Hmmm I would have to say the very first time I rode the roller coaster Superman at Six Flags in New England… my brother and I went on about two weeks after it opened (back in 2001 I believe) and sat in the very front row. We are both roller coaster obsessed, the faster/higher the better and wow, was that an experience :)


10) Chickflick I Love

I have read through a few of these surveys already and I am agreeing with many of the selections the ladies have chosen out there! Love Actually, The Devil Wears Prada, Mean Girls, He’s Just Not That Into You… the first few that come to mind!

11) A Special Place in the World I Love

My hometown. It’s the familiarity of it, what it means to me, living next to the ocean, how I know where everything is, the privacy offered… and of course my house and what comfort that holds for me as well.


12) Beauty Product I Love

Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Facial Cleanser! It is a new product I tried from Whole Foods after realizing that the ones that are harsh and full of chemicals (Neutrogena, Clean & Clear, etc) are simply not going to clear my skin. This product doesn’t have salicylic acid or other drying chemicals and so far, my skin has been MUCH clearer! I am prone to acne at times and it really has helped me.


13) Nifty Website I Love

Errr I got nathin for this one! Lame-sauce I know. I go to all of the typical sites- too many blogs, pinterest, twitter, instagram, Facebook… yeah perhaps time to branch out a bit here?

14) A Beautiful Blog Post I Love

Tina’s post on bringing ourselves in the form of humiliation as a means to motivate yourself to be better. Oh lordy have I been there and honestly continue to… something (yet another thing) to work and perhaps a future post. Bringing myself down is what I am rather good at and well, that is simply unacceptable.

Time to shovel out and get ready for work! But first… you have probably answered these questions a million and one times but feel free to add your own input into any of these “love” questions I answered!

1) Are there any food you still can simply not keep in the house?

2) Do you have issues with acne? What products have you found that truly work?

3) What is a piece of advice you are currently loving?

Have a lovely rest of your weekend and I believe I will be back SOON… because I want to and feel compelled to share something that recently happened :) Stay tuned!

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