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Love/Hate Relationship

Posted Dec 02 2011 11:19am

The transition from fall to winter is a beautifully painful one for me. Perhaps it is still too early for me to mention the word winter, but in my lovely state of Washington we experience the beginnings of winter a tad bit earlier than some of you more fortunate states.

What is wrong with this photo?– Besides the fact that my brights are on, and I am taking a picture while going 46mph.. the thermometer reads 27 degrees. This painfully cold weather brings many good things. Such as frost on trees and flowers, providing for beautiful scenery and photography. 

This also provides more excuses for tea breaks. 

I’ve obviously had a hard time saying goodbye to Halloween, my favorite mug will be used year round regardless of the holiday. Plus I like pretending my cat is with me at all times. 

Although this transition can be gorgeous, it is slightly painful for my limbs. A lot of this will be happening. 

Thanks to my terrible blood circulation, I soak my mitts in hot water to assist the flow back towards my heart. As if this weren’t enough, I get terrible dry skin on my hands when the weather gets cold. This happens a lot..

As much as I’d like to say that this is bird poo from a bird that ate too many beets, that is indeed blood due to the crack-age of my hand skin. I am hopeful this year because thanks to my beloved soap from TJ’s, my soft skin has been prolonged into the colder days. 

This stuff is like liquid crack..for your skin. 

There is one more thing that happens to many people that I can’t prevent. I must carry a ton of tissues with me in order to cope with this hindrance. 

There are a few reasons as to why your nose runs when the weather is cold, but my favorite is the paralyzing of your nasal cilia. This cilia is in charge of containing your nasal liquids, but when it gets cold outside and you breathe that air in, the cilia becomes paralyzed..thus cannot do its duty of containing your liquids. Long story short..out comes the liquid for all to see. This picture does not do my nasal drippage me that I leak like a broken faucet. 

I do love bundling up and preparing for Christmas with a warm beverage and a snogging buddy…which is usually my cat. I live a very tough life. 

Q: What do you love/hate about winter?

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